Annika Betyder… Daniel Betyder…

Hittade denna roliga och säkert 100% Seriösa not sida hos Lajna och jag kunde inte låta bli att kolla vad våra namn betyder:

Annika betyder:
1. Lovely and Wonderful
2. The best thing ever

Annika is a cute little thing with dimples. Usually kind and joyful but sometimes very angry and dangerous. Beware…
Very fascinating and mysterious person. In other words… totally fabulous!
Mike: “Wow… she’s awesome.”
Bill: “Yeah, she must be an Annika.”

A loser or crackhead. Usually blonde and from Albania. Very weird and thinks (s)he is funny. Often has no friends.
Pauline; Im such a loser, i wish i was normal…
Bob: Wow…you are such an Annika
Behöver jag nämna att jag föredrar den första?

Daniel betyder:
someone who is nice funny kind loving sweet romantic really hot and just an amazing guy to be around. someone who always makes me feel so special and can make me smile even when im sad. he is someone i always want to be around. someone i am completely in love with and always will be and he has my heart forever. he is perfect in every way.
Daniel is perfect.

Another name for sexy as hell. If you are called daniel it means you are very loving, romantic, and you have no flaw at all. Daniel’s are overall amazing (aka THE SHiiT)
Girlfriend: Baby?
Boyfriend: Yeah?
Girlfriend: You’re such a Daniel <3

Minis stämmer riktigt bra!

Hahaha ja det finns fler förklaringar på vad våra namn betyder.

Kolla vad ditt namn betyder hos Urban Dictionary


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