Wild Camping in Faro / Parking in the City center

Wild camping in Faro
If you are visiting Portugal in a motorhome (like we did) there are several places to do some wild camping in Faro. In the city center of Faro, there are two parkings where you can park for free. Leave your motorhome and feel safe to explore the city.

Camping near Faro, Portugal

If you don’t want to visit a camping outside of Faro, there are two parkings where they allow motorhomes to park for the night for free. We were there in December 2017 and there were several cars there. However, the wild camping in Portugal is changing so we don’t know what the future holds. But for now, you can stop for wild camping in Faro.

Parking in Old Town of Faro

This parking spot is about 500 meters from the city center of Faro. Here you have a total of 100 parking spots but some of them are bigger and will fit a motorhome. It is open all year round and it feels safe to park here.

Be aware that camping behavior is not allowed here – this is for strict parking so don’t get your chairs out while being here. There are no facilities here.
camping in Faro

Noises from the airport

Since Faro airport is located pretty close, you will hear some aircraft noises. And you are also close to the railroad so you will hear the trains pass too. But according to us, it is not that bad.

There might be crowded during the day but many of the motorhomes leave in the evening so be patient. And please park in your spot and not like some of the campers did when we were there.
GPS coordinates from google: 37.011920 – 7.932540.

Wild camping in Faro

If all of us parked like this there would not be any room for other motorhomes.

Wild camping in Faro, Portugal

Parking near the shopping center “Forum Algarve”

This place has room for 10 motorhomes and it is open all year round. From here you have a short walk to the shopping mall. The terrain here is hardened but it is not allowed to have camping behavior here. There are no facilities here either.

But since the shopping center is close by, you can always use the restrooms there (if you can’t use the one in your motorhome for some reason). Mini and I slept like babies here but we did prefer the camping in the city center.
GPS coordinates from google: 37.025670 – 7.946730.
Wild camping in Faro, Portugal
Wild camping in Faro, Portugal

The alternative to wild camping in Faro is a camping in Olhao

Read more about Olhao camping just outside of Faro with great possibilities to get to Faro with train or just stay in Olhao to explore the small village.

Read our post on Olhao Camping.
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    1. Hej det var så lite så det kommer komma massor med tips på sidan nu. Bär det av till Portugal nästa vinter då?


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