10 things to do in Mora during summer

Last updated Jun 22, 2021
Mora city Center

10 things to do in Mora makes up a list of things to do while visiting the city in Dalarna, Sweden. The town is mostly famous for being the end-stop of the famous Vasaloppet. And not to forget – the world-famous Dala horse that is made close by. Even if Mora is more of a winter destination (due to Vasaloppet) there are still lots of things to do here in the summer. Here is a list of 10 things for you to do while visiting Mora!

A short summary of Mora

It is believed that Mora rose during the 1200s, which makes it an old city in Sweden. It’s not that big but it has a great heart. With closeness to Siljan lake and with lots of rich history, it’s a city well worth experiencing. Mora is also famous for the artist and painter, Anders Zorn. He did a lot for the city and to this day there are several places that you can see his (and his wives) imprints.

Region size: 3 111,48 square kilometers.
City size: 1 719 hectares.
Population in the city: 13500 (2020).

10 things to do in Mora during summer

A lot of people think that Mora is a perfect vacation for winter – due to Vasaloppet (which is run during the winter). However, Mora has a lot to offer during the summer too. And best of all, you don’t need to wear layers of clothes during the summer. Finally Lost has visited this beautiful city and we have listed our 10 favorites to do. Check the list out and see if you can find any favorites of your own.

Zornmuseet – Zorn Museum

The museum, dedicated to Zorn, is home to the world’s largest collection of Zorn paintings. Here, you can see the different artworks from both the artists Anders and Emma among other famous painters and artists. Anders Zorn is famous for making self-portraits. And, also for painting naked women outside. He had love for reality and didn’t pay attention to dreams. A funny thing is that he sold his first painting in 1877 for 50 Swedish crowns.

Zorn museet Mora

Compared to what his paintings cost today, that’s fun to know that he started at the bottom. A visit to Zornmuseet is often combined with a visit to Zorngården. Make sure to set aside several hours for your visit so that you can visit both places. Zornmuseet is a good place to start because then you’ll know more about the artist before you visit the home.

Make the most out of your visit to Zornmuseet

A tip is to start with the slide show (shown every hour). Even if it’s a slide show, it feels more like a movie. This is great for getting to know the artist more and learn more about his life and his artwork. When Anders Zorn became famous, he often painted self-portraits on demand. After watching the slide-show, walk around and enjoy the paintings of both Zorn and other famous artists.

Also, make sure to visit the garden. If you look closely, you can see that there’s a path made out like a heart in the yard. And after strolling around in the yard, you can also grab a cup of coffee and something to eat in the Zorn Café. There is also a gift shop inside the museum where you can buy reprints of several artworks. Zornmuseet is part of Kulturpasset in Dalarna.

Information about Zornmuseet

Zorn museet in Mora, Sweden

Address: Vasagatan 36, Mora.
Opening hours: Daily 11.00 – 17.oo. Sometimes it’s closed on Mondays. Check their website for information.
Entrance fee: About 1o euros per adult. If you buy a combination ticket for the museum and for Zorngården, it costs about 18 euros.
Website of Zornmuseet

Zorngården – The home of Anders and Emma Zorn

Zorngården is where the couple Anders and Emma Zorn lived. After they passed away, the home was donated to the state and today it is open to visitors. You are not allowed to walk around on your own inside the home – only guided tours will allow you to come inside this beautiful home. Inside, you can see a lot of artwork and traditional things from Dalarna like kurbits painted furniture and objects.

Information about Zorngården

Zorngården in Mora, Sweden

Address: Vasagatan 36, Mora.
Opening hours: Daily 11.00 – 17.oo. Sometimes it’s closed on Mondays. Check their website for information.
Entrance fee: About 1o euros per adult. If you buy a combination ticket for the museum and for Zorngården, it costs about 18 euros.

Vasaloppet finish line

Each year, on the first Sunday of March there’s a cross-country ski race that stretches from Sälen to Mora. It’s 90 kilometers long and is a very famous race in Sweden. From the beginning, it has to do with King Gustav Vasa that fled on skis in 1520. He was escaping from soldiers that wanted to kill him. It’s said that this is the route he took. Since 1922 Vasaloppet has been an annual competition. The finish line is easy to spot and it’s almost mandatory to have your picture taken here.

Information about Vasaloppet finish line

Vasaloppet Finish line in Mora, Sweden

Address: Vasagatan 30, Mora.
Opening hours: Since it’s outside, it’s always open and you can visit whenever.
Entrance fee: Free of charge.

Vasaloppets hus and Vasaloppsmuseet

In 1994, a museum opened in Mora that is dedicated to the race. It’s located close to the finish line of the race and this is the place to be if you want to learn more about Vasaloppet. Here, you can see all the previous winners of the race and watch movies about the race. There is also an exhibition dedicated to Mora-Nisse. He was a famous skier that started in the race ten times and won nine out of them.

Make sure to check Vasaloppet’s website for current opening hours since they change often due to the circumstances. Visiting this place is a must on a list of 10 things to do in Mora during summer. Make sure to walk to the finish line and snap a few pictures while visiting the museum.

Dala horses in Nusnäs

Probably the most Swedish thing ever is the Dala Horse (Dalecarlian horse) painted in its red color. It takes about 15 minutes by car to go from Mora to Nusnäs and to the factories where these horses are made. See the whole process of how these Swedish treasures are made. If you are lucky you might even meet Kerstin and be impressed by her painting. This might be one of the best souvenirs to buy while visiting Dalarna (or Sweden as a whole).

There are two different factories and they are both worth a visit. It’s unclear which one was first and they are both from the same family. A tip is to visit them both since they do offer a slightly different experience.

Information about Dala horses

Dala horses in Nusnäs

Address: Edåkersvägen 17 and Edåkersvägen 24.
Opening hours summertime: Monday – Friday: 09.00 – 18.00 Saturday and Sunday: 09.00 – 16.00. During wintertime, it’s open until 16.00 and closed on Sundays.
Website: Nils Olsson Dalahästar and website for Grannas.

Morakniv Concept Store

It’s not often that a store makes it onto a list- article. But in this case, listing 10 things to do in Mora – a visit to Morakniv Concept Store is a must. The Morakniv is a knife that’s famous worldwide. At first, the knives were used to carve the Dala horses. Today, they have a whole array of knives and you can use them in the kitchen.

And inside the large store, there are also other things that you can buy here. For example, you can buy some of the Dala horses here and other souvenirs that are connected to Dalarna.

Information about Morakniv Concept Store

Morakniv Concept Store

Address: Kyrkogatan 6, Mora.
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 10.00 – 18.00. Saturday 10.00 – 15.00. Sundays closed.
Website of Morakniv Concept Store

Swim in Lake Siljan

Lake Siljan has a lot to offer all year round. However, it’s even more magnificent during the summer. And a trip to Mora makes it a perfect excursion to visit Lake Siljan and take a dip. If you don’t want to go swimming in the lake, there are several other things that you can do along the lake. You can paddle a canoe, rent a boat, go fishing or just spend time along the shoreline.

Swim in lake Siljan

Lake Siljan is the seventh-largest lake in Sweden and it is a popular place among visitors. If you come during summer, the water is warmer and you can swim in the lake to cool off during warm summer days. If you stay in Mora, you are close to the lake at all times!

Eat an ice cream

There are several different places where you can eat ice cream in Mora. However, at Mora Ice Cream, you’ll get some amazing ice cream. Rättviks ice cream is so good and really creamy. Another fun thing is that they have some different and odd flavors. For example, they have an ice cream that tastes like browned butter. And it tastes just like butter (in a good way).

Mora Icecream Rättviksglass

Creamy and tasty it cools you off during a hot summer day. If you decide to have ice cream at another place – make sure that they are selling Rättviksglass. Then you’ll know that you are getting the “real deal”. And if you prefer, they also make sherbet. It’s high-end ice cream and sherbet for a normal price. Don’t miss out on the ice cream while visiting Mora.

Stroll around Mora city center

A list of 10 things to do in Mora during summer wouldn’t be complete without a stroll in the city center. The city center of Mora is not big but very quaint and nice. The best part is that there are a lot of unique stores where you can buy things that you can’t buy in any “regular” store. A lot of nice boutiques with flowers and candles and knickknacks that you want in your home.

Stroll around Mora city center

There’s a nice walkway that guides you along the main street and along with all the nice shops and restaurants. If you are into some serious shopping, there’s also “Noret” and “Tuvan” – two places where you can find some of the more famous and well-known shops and stores.

Cycle around Lake Siljan

This attraction covers more than just Mora but is still a must on a list of 10 things to do in Mora during summer. Just like Vasaloppet, there’s an annual race that takes you around Lake Siljan. In fact, there are three different races with three different lengths.

  • Bike Around Orsasjön and Siljan – 160 kilometers.
  • Around Siljan – 120 kilometers.
  • Around Orsasjön – 70 kilometers.
Cycle around Lake Siljan

Keep in mind that you don’t need to join a race just to enjoy a bike ride in Mora. Just get on your bike (or rent one) and start exploring. A great way to see more in a shorter amount of time compared to walking. Mora is a bike-friendly city that has a lot to offer! Find out more about cycling in Dalarna.

Press Trip
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We hope that you like our list of 10 things to do in Mora during summer. Disclaimer: Our visit to Dalarna was part of a press trip that was arranged by Visit Dalarna. All the thoughts and opinions are our own!


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