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Last updated Aug 15, 2021
Cafes Penang

One of them might be the most Instagram-friendly place on earth. Well, at least when it comes to cafes in Penang. The other place is a heartwarming and super cozy cafe that serves some really great breakfast. No matter which one you’ll choose, you’ll be impressed and enjoy your stay.

Cafes in penang -malaysian coffee

Penang, and especially Georgetown is a great place to grab a cup of coffee. Being such an artsy city with murals painted all over the town, grabbing a cup of coffee is a must. And there are a lot of places to choose from and we ended up visiting several different places during our visit to Penang. Malaysia has been growing coffee for centuries. It’s called Kopi and is both thick, strong, and bitter. Usually, they sweeten it with condensed milk.

However, you can grab a ”regular” latte or whatever way you want your coffee. We found our favorite spots and even if there were several different places that were nice – there are two that were extra special. So, when visiting Penang, Malaysia, make sure to check them both out!

A cup of coffee from Bean Sprout Café.

Two cafes in Penang

coffee on the table

This is by far the cutest coffee we have ever seen in our lives! At Coffee on the table, you get the cutest foam animals ever in your coffee. They serve some really different and fun flavored coffee like Tiramisu Latte, Baileys Latte, and Rose Latte. We ended up ordering both iced and hot Tiramisu Latte, one Dirty chai, and one Hazelnut Latte. If you don’t want the cute animals in your cup – it’s a bit cheaper. However, you need the animal in your coffee! 3D art when it’s at its best!

They make the coffee at the bar upfront and you are welcome to see it be made. It’s so impressive to see what you can do with two spoons. It’s a risk that the coffee gets cold before you finally get to drink it. Not because it takes a long to make. No, because you’ll take all these pictures of your coffee before you are ready to drink it. They also serve some food if you get hungry. A really great cafe in Penang.

Coffee on the table. A cafe in Penang
Coffee on the table in Penang

INformation about coffee on the table

Address: 164, Lebuh Pantai, 10200 George Town, Pinang, Malaysia.
Price: about 3,20 euros for one coffee (16 Ringgit).
Coffee on the table on Facebook.

Bean sprout Cafe

This place is great if you want to have a good cup of coffee and an amazing breakfast. Here, they serve breakfast all day and we love that! Most of the things on the menu looked good and it might take a while to choose what you want. Mini ended up ordering the Big Breakfast with chicken sausage, scrambled eggs, bacon, bread, baked beans, coleslaw, and avocado spread.

I chose the Avocado toast three ways. I got guacamole with avocado, smoked salmon and, bacon and eggs. This was served with a toast on a homemade avocado spread and coleslaw. Mini got a chai latte and I tried one lavender latte. We were both very happy with our meals and drinks. I had never tried a lavender latte and it was made to perfection. Add to this that we had our food in a super cozy environment. A true winner and a great cafe in Penang.

Bean Sprout Cafe
Breakfast at Bean Sprout Café Penang
Bean Sprout Cafe in Penang
Bean Sprout Cafes in Penang

Information about the bean sprout cafe

Address: 35, Pitt Street (Masjid Kapitan Keling), 10200 Pinang, Malaysia.
Opening hours: Closed on Tuesdays. All other days: 10.00 -17.30.
Price: About 2,50 euros for a latte (12 Ringgit).
Bean Sprout Cafe on Facebook.

If you like some really great coffee – check out our post on one of the world’s best Barista that serves great coffee!


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