5 things you didn’t know about finally lost

Last updated Nov 10, 2021
Finallylost.com - Annika and Daniel

Ok, so we have heard several times now that we should be even more personal here and write more about us too and not just the destinations. So, we decided to give it a go and see if this actually is something you guys might wanna read. Here are five things that you didn’t know about us and this website… hope you like it!

1. We love board games

Boardgame 7 gods

By ”we” it might be Annika more than Mini. However, we both love to play and that has become more and moreover the years. We have always loved to play games but only did it as a hobby. When the pandemic came and travel was not an option, we were at a standstill. Making all our money on travel writing, this was a problem and we needed to find other topics to write articles about. And then we thought of board games.

Now, the world is opening up again but we are still writing articles and doing tests about board games. In fact, we love it! I (Annika) have even thought of intertwining the interest in board games with the travels on this site. I mean, we are all about the things that make life more fun. Travel and games! You just have to wait and see! A great start was when we visited the world’s largest board game fair, SPIEL.

Di d you know that mini proposed to annika during a game of monopoly in 2008?

2.Finally lost is our third name on the website

third name at finallylost.com

This blog and website started on February 2oo9. Then, it was called Bring Bling To Everything and was written in Swedish and more as a regular blog. Annika was the only one updating the site and we were both working ”regular” jobs. Several years later, when the blog grew larger – we noticed that we mainly wrote about travel so that’s when we changed the name to ”Bring Bling To Traveling” and focused on writing about sights and activities that we visited during our travels.

However, that name ended up being impossible to say. When someone would ask about our email, it almost always ended up being wrong during translation. So, in 2017 Mini came up with the name Finally Lost. We were about to move into our motor home so that was a fitting name. It’s incredible that the domain was available. So, no we are Finally Lost and we have no intentions of changing that name!

3. We moved in together straight away

Nelson the Motorhome Burstner Ixeo time 590 it by the ocean

Yes, we met and since then – we have been living together ever since. The date was February 2:nd 2005 and we were out partying. To keep it super romantic, our eyes locked and we were both sold. Four years later we got married and we are still going strong. At first, Mini kept his apartment but after about three months, he let it go. We have lived together in two different houses and now the motor home.

We bought a house during our first year and moved in one year later after finishing huge renovations. The house was way too big for us and it ended up being a house and not a home. When we moved into Nelson (our motor home) we rented out the house for two years and then we let it go. For now, we enjoy living on the road so that’s what we are doing.

4. You won’t see mini dance

Daniel Majak

The first, and only, time that Mini danced was at our wedding. Even if he is a fun and easygoing guy, dancing just isn’t his thing. When we were planning our wedding, I told Mini that we would need a first dance. He was fine with that and we took a course in a waltz. We had our first dance and since then, Mini hasn’t taken a dance move. If you ask him why – he has a kind of odd answer to that question.

He says that he can’t stop imagining what it would look like if the music suddenly stops. All the people on the dance floor would look like complete idiots. He’s strange in that way, my husband. However, he still has fun at parties and enjoys being around people that dance. At the beginning of our relationship, I tried to get him to dance but I have since then given up on that.

5. Annika still plays Pokemon go


I have been playing Pokémon Go since it launched. And, to this day, I’m still playing on a daily basis. Ok, I’m not as fanatic as I used to be. But, the app is started on a daily basis and I do try to attend all the free in-game events that they have. Pokémon Go makes me get out and walk and meet new people. Mini is also playing but, mostly to keep me company and to be nice.

Right now, I’m at level 44 going on 45. I play at a slower pace and am in no rush to hit level 50. The game is very dear to my heart and I collect the small monsters like they were my babies. Sometimes my niece will join me to go catch Pokémon’s and then we walk around, talk and just enjoy ourselves. And best of all – this is a game that you will never finish because there are always more goals to be had. Gotta catch them all! (just like the time in Poland when we caught bacchus gnomes and pokemon too.)


  1. Martin

    I’m gonna make him dance some
    day… ☝🏻
    Ops 😳 I dont like to dance eighter..

    • Daniel Majak

      We can dance but first Rom & Coke!😂


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