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There are pros and cons with camper vs motorhome. It’s more important to be close to the city center with a motorhome, because you can’t take the car without taking the whole house. At Tantolunden in Stockholm they have a camping – just for motorhomes. We checked it out while being in Stockholm. Here is our experience of Tantolundens Husbilscamping.

Campsite in central Stockholm

Tantolunden is just 15 minutes with the underground subway to t-centralen. This is the city center of Stockholm and the hub to the whole town. If you’ll rather walk it’s about a 40-minute walk to the city center. If you want to go to Gamla Stan (Old town) it’s a six-minute ride whit the underground. The camping is just for motorhomes and not for campers and there are room e for 14 motorhomes. But they also have two cabins that you can rent. In that case, you can come by car.
View StockholmThis is not a five-star place. You get electricity and have toilets and showers that you can use. Other than that there is no kitchen or no wifi. The best thing about this place is that it feels really safe. And the restrooms and showers are really nice and clean.

Tantolundens camping in central Stockholm

If staying at Tantolundens camping, you are close to the store and to a nice park. Like I wrote before, you are in central Stockholm and can easily transport yourself to shopping malls and diners.
Our favorite thing with the camping was that the restrooms were so clean and fresh. We never saw anyone actually cleaning the restrooms but they were always really neat. The only downside was that there is no wifi. In Sweden today, you expect to have wifi. You also need to know that there is no staff there just a mobile number. You book by calling them and then you get a code that you’ll use for the gate. After that you install yourself and you are good to go.
Campsite Tantolunden
Campsite Tantolunden

Information about Tantolundens camping

Price: 280:-SEK (April 2017). In that, you get access to electricity and showers.
Address: Ringvägen 24, 118 67 Stockholm.
Phone: +4676050 66 08


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