A good Camping in Toulouse, France

Nov 27, 2017

Camping in Toulouse
During our visit to Toulouse, we stayed at Camping, Le Rupé. It’s a three-star camping that provides you with all the things you might need. They are open all year round. Don’t have your own motorhome or camper? No worries – they also have the cutest cottages for rent. They made me think of Harry Potter! 

Camping Le Rupé in Toulouse, France

A pretty nice camping in Toulouse with an oasis for your dishes. That’s right – there is a sound circle with flowers in the middle where you can wash your dishes. I loved the way that they had made washing dishes a lot more fun! It’s funny how things like that can brighten your day! If you don’t speak French there might be a language barrier. We don’t speak French. Well, I can say hello, my name is, and would you like to sleep with me tonight. With those skills, we ended up understanding each other :).
Camping in Toulouse

In the reception, you can get information about what to do in Toulouse. The staff is very friendly and they will help you with everything you need. Electricity and Wi-fi are included in the price. We paid 17:- euros per night (during low season) and the camping is connected to ACSI which gets us electricity included in the price so that was great.
The ACSI card for 2017

The number one showers ever at a camping

We have a shower at home, in our motorhome. However, I do prefer a “real” shower and that is always a “concern” of mine – how will the showers be? Will there be hot water? I love taking my showers in really hot water and that is often not possible at campings. But Le Rupé camping has really awesome showers. You have a big space so you can bring all your stuff with you into the shower and you can even dance in the shower.

Since they have bigger showers (for the disabled) there are seats! Yes, you can sit down while taking a shower if that is your preference. And there were a lot of showers so you never had to wait for a shower to be free. By far the best showers we have had on a camping so far!

The restrooms at camping La Rupé

So now when I have written about how great the showers were, I need to spoil it somewhat with the restrooms. I’m not sure if it was the people visiting the camping that were real pigs or if the restrooms were not cleaned that often. I do believe that it was a mix of both. I would use our bathroom in our motorhome instead of using the toilets at the camping.

Every toilet was full of s*it. And each time I went to check if the coast was clear it wasn’t. I think that the restrooms should be cleaned more often at the camping. I’m not sure how often they were cleaned but not daily – that’s for sure!
Camping in Toulouse

Getting into city center of Toulouse

To get into the city center you need to be by the reception at 10:30. There is a minibus (courtesy of Le Rupé camping) that will take you to the train station. Then you take the train to the city center. When coming back you will have to take the bus from the train station and back to the camping. The tickets for the bus and train can be bought at the reception.

A ticket that takes you to the city center and return to the camping cost 3,20:- euro. The easiest way is to get your tickets at the camping. Make sure to buy the return ticket at the same time. It is a bit of a hassle to get to the city center but that’s mostly because of the distance to the train station. However, it is not a problem. Just make sure to not miss the minibus!
Camping in Toulouse

Information about Le Rupé Camping in Toulouse

Address: 21, Chemin du Pont de Rupé, 31200 Toulouse.
Website: www.campinglerupe.com
Connected to ACSI.


  1. Decoit

    Hope the management takes more care about keeping the rest rooms clean. Also responsibility of guests to keep clean otherwise they are considered as animals.

    • mini

      We agree. It is up to the guests to keep it clean as well.☝

  2. Veiken

    Det ser hur trevligt ut som helst på den campingen, men jag föredrar egen toalett och dusch på rummet. För min del är det alltid hotell som gäller! Vi är ju alla olika!
    PS Kan inte kommentera med min bloggadress, tyvärr!

    • mini

      Hej Veiken
      Jo alla är vi olika och det är lite små tufft i början att använda allmäna toaletter och duschar.
      Gick det inte att skriva in bloggadressen på vår sida?


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