A Must See – Den Gamle By Aarhus, Denmark

Last updated May 24, 2021

Cycle in Den Gamle By Aarhus
Den Gamle By (translates into “the old village”) is by far one of the most visited attractions in Aarhus. This place will take you back and show you how Denmark has evolved during the last centuries. Bring Bling To Traveling wandered the streets of Den Gamle By.

Den Gamle By

This open museum was started in 1914. To this day there are about 80 houses here. The houses are all from different eras in the danish culture. All of them are shipped here from different places in Denmark and built up. This means that you are not looking at a reconstruction – you are looking at the real deal. So the whole point of this place is to stroll round. Make sure you have comfortable shoes and then walk around from era to era.
Den gamle by (old town) Aarhus
Collage Den Gamle By

However the fun does not stop there. Several of the houses are open. Enter them and see people (actors) from that time period and how life was in Denmark during this time. There are some shops and stores and cafés that have the most quaint environment. Make sure to check all of the exhibition out and not just the outside.

Den Gamle By Map

Den Gamle By overview. Illustration is from their website.

The year 2000

The latest news  is the exhibition that will show you how the industrialization of Denmark. This is a truly well made exhibit and you will walk among the evolution of Denmark. For example, there is a container that is remade and opened for you to enter. Here you can see how Maersk have developed and what it has done for the country. A true walk through time! Be prepared to spend your whole day at Den Gamle By because you really have loads to explore.

This is a live museum and a place where you can buy part of the history. They also have art exhibitions and during Christmas they have a annual Christmas market. Imagine the whole place light up and booths with things for you yo buy!
The new exhibition in den gamle by
Painting Artist

Best time to visit Den Gamle By

Den Gamle By Aarhus is opened all year round. Summer is perfect because of the mild weather but if you come during Christmas time, you need to see Den Gamle By Christmas market!
Entry price: 75 – 135 DDK per person depending on when you want to visit.
Address: Viborgvej 2, 8000 Aarhus C
Website: http://www.dengamleby.dk
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