A very special and different restaurant – Taberna Tipica Quarta Feira

Taberna Tipica Quarta FeiraTaberna Tipica Quarta Feira. There are restaurants – and then there are restaurants. This restaurant is a very special place. If you come here you have to trust the chef and his staff. Because at this place you will not get a menu. Here you eat what they serve! Read all about our experience at this great restaurant in Evora, Portugal.

A restaurant that is easy to miss

This restaurant is very easy to miss because they are not one of those places that have huge signs. But I’m pretty sure that this restaurant doesn’t need to advertise because they are doing just fine without it. And this is a small place. They can only seat up to 28 people in the restaurants. I love small restaurants because they are so cozy and more intimate than the huge places.

Taberna Tipica Quarta Feira is a small family owned place. Joao is the son of the chef that started the restaurant. It was started by Jose and he is still in the kitchen. Together they run this place and they have one serving for lunch and one serving for dinner. Make sure to make a reservation if you want to be guaranteed a seat. While we were there, we got lucky to get a table for dinner.
Taberna Tipica Quarta Feira

A restaurant that you can’t miss

This place is so special that even the Washington Post wrote about it in an article. The article is up on the wall – praising the restaurant. If you are a vegetarian you need to make a reservation and inform them in advance. If you are vegan – sorry but this is not the place for you. Joao told us that they work a lot with dairy products so they could not accommodate vegans in a satisfying way.

I can appreciate their honesty. That they inform people that they can’t make the food they want. I have heard of a lot of restaurants where they will say yes to serving vegan food and then they just serve tomato and lettuce on a plate.

Special and different restaurant in Evora

So what is so special about this place? Except for the obvious – the food, there is more that makes this place different. There is no menu. You do not get to choose your food here – you will eat what they serve. When you enter the restaurant you should inform them if you have been here before or if it’s your first time. I believe that they have two different sets of menus and if you have been here before they will give you something new to eat.

Since this was our first time here we got the “standard” menu. We ate like crazy here. We got so full that the first thing that Mini said when we woke up the next morning was “Boy did we eat a lot yesterday – I’m still full“. At the Taberna Tipica Quarta Feira we felt sad that we got full because there was so much food coming to the table all the time. This is a place where we can guarantee that you will not be hungry when you leave after a dinner.
Taberna Tipica Quarta Feira in Evora, Portugal.

The menu at the Taberna Tipica Quarta Feira

This is the menu that we got during our first visit to the restaurant. The price for the meal and a bottle of wine and a bottle of sparkling water was 60 euros for both of us (2018). And at this place they serve the food at a pretty quick pace so you will not have to wait for long. The wine was local and produced, only 15 kilometers away.

Tuna salad with pomegranate

This tuna salad was made out of raw tuna. Who knew that raw tuna could be this good? Well, we didn’t. And there was an added freshness with the pomegranate. The Vinaigrette was the perfect taste for this salad. It felt light and was full of flavor.

Taberna Tipica Quarta Feira

Tuna salad with pomegranate and tomatoes.

Soup served in mushrooms

The soup we got was served in a mushroom and the flavors were great together. There was not that much soup but the mushroom had absorbed some of the soup and that made it really juicy. We got bread to this dish and we were supposed to dip the bread into the soup.

Taberna Tipica Quarta Feira in Evora, Portugal.

A different way to serve soup – using mushrooms as plates.

Cheese and ham plate

Next up we got a plate with different kinds of cheese and ham. Goat cheese and other delights. This was served with jelly and a pumpkin jam that was to die for. We got the information about all the different kinds of products and it was really interesting to know before we ate it all. And even the olive oil was incredible!

Taberna Tipica Quarta Feira in Evora, Portugal.

The perfect cheese and ham plate.

A neck of pork with spinach, potatoes and rice

This piece of meat was super tender. It had been in the oven for three hours and it melted in our mouths. To the tender pork, we got spinach, potatoes and rice. This is the time when we started being sad because we were getting full and there was so much food left. But we sucked it up and kept eating!

Taberna Tipica Quarta Feira in Evora, Portugal.

The most tender neck of pork.

Ice cream with lemon, mint and Brazilian Liquor

This was served as a palette cleanser. I loved the idea of serving desserts in shot glasses. And this was fresh and lemony and just perfect!

Taberna Tipica Quarta Feira in Evora, Portugal.

Iced Brazilian liquor with lemon.

Desert plate from heaven

For dessert, we got nuts and cakes and fruit and traditional desserts from the region of Alentejo. The chocolate cake was the most creamy and chocolate flavored ever! And then we got something called Encharcada. That is a sugar water with egg yolk. It doesn’t sound like it would taste great but it did!

Taberna Tipica Quarta Feira in Evora, Portugal.

Fruit, cakes, Encharcada and nuts.

Summing up the Taberna Tipica Quarta Feira

We can’t recommend this restaurant enough. Here are some things that we noticed and that makes this restaurant a must during your visit to Evora, Portugal.

  • It is not expensive considering how much food you get and how good the food is.
  • They never touch the plate. They use napkins when they serve the food. Not that we would mind them touching the plate but it felt like a special and unique detail.
  • You learn about all the food you are eating.
  • It is family owned and they are all working together.
  • They have their own unique concept at the restaurant.
  • If it was up to us they would be in the guide Michelin.
  • This made us think of the Michelin restaurant in Denmark.

Ps: The father of this restaurant, Jose, is such an icon in the city of Evora that they even made a clay figure of him.

Taberna Tipica Quarta Feira in Evora, Portugal.

Information about restaurant Taberna Tipica Quarta Feira

Address:  R. do Inverno 16, 7000-585 Évora, Portugal.
Opening hours: Every day except for Sundays. Lunch: 12.30 – 15.00 and Dinner: 19.30 – 22.00

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