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Since we are both working as freelancers outside of this website we get stuff published from time to time. Below here you can see a small selection of our work. If you are interested in a complete list of publications – download the pdf and you can see all of our publications.

International publications

Here are some of the publications that we have done for different international magazines and on the web. – Things to do in Sri Lanka



Travel Ideas – 20160411 – Let South Africa Pump Your AdrenalineTravel Ideas magazine
Travel Ideas – 20160330 – Death and Tragedy Continues to Attract Tourists
Travel Ideas Magazine – March/April issue p.120 – Free Travel Apps For Your Phone.
Travel Ideas – 20160307 – Five Strange Stops Along Route 66
Travel Ideas – 20160208 – Free travel apps for your phone

Swedish publications

Here are a few of the publications that we have gotten published in Swedish magazines and on the web. 

A large article about an incredible woman. Sarita Skagnes was born as a female into a family that wanted a boy. 

180721 – p.16-17 – Hennes röst är alla indiska döttrars röst.
180721 – Hennes röst är alla indiska döttrars röst.

A three- part series about three different families and their journey from war and threats. They share their life with the reader and tell their stories and how they ended up in Bromölla, Sweden.

Part 1 of 3.
A family that came from Irak and that are being forced to leave Sweden.

170819 – p.22 – ”Återvända är inte ett alternativ.”
170819 – ”Återvända är inte ett alternativ.”

Part 2 of 3. 
A family that came from Syria and are making a new life for themselves.
170825 – p.16 – ”Vi behöver vår dotter hos oss.”
170825 – Vi behöver vår dotter hos oss.

Part 3 of 3. 
A family that came from Libya and are now fighting not to be separated.
170901 – p.16 – ”De håller på att splittra oss.”
170901 – De håller på att splittra oss.

Chronicle about the town of Bromölla. It is a small town in the southern of Sweden and it is really beautiful and somewhat exotic.
170714 – p.28. Krönika – I Bromölla finns både tropisk skog, Amazonas…
170714 – I Bromölla finns både tropisk skog, Amazonas och en snutt av Everglades.


An article about motorhomes in Bromölla kommun and how they are becoming more and more common. 
170809 – p.14 – Rekordsommar för försäljning av husbilar.
170809 – Rekordsommar för husbilar.

How you can live like “Robinson” on your own deserted island.
170803 – p.14 – Robinsonäventyr runt Ivösjön.

An article about a woman that survived the holocaust and was a political prisoner in Auschwitz.
150127 – p.19 – Hunger är den värsta tortyren.
150127 – Hunger är den värsta tortyren.


Allt om Resor – 20160702 – Låt dig ryckas med av utomhusbio i sommar

Allt om Resor – 20160701 – 9 bästa klubbarna i sommar-Stockholm
Allt om Resor – 20160629 – Airbnb hindras av allt fler lagar världen runt
Allt om Resor – 20160628 – Morden i Midsomer – nya spännande platser
Allt om Resor – 20160628 – Sköldpadda lämnad att dö av turisters selfies
Allt om Resor – 20160627 – Göteborgs skärgårdstur återuppstår – efter 49 år
Allt om Resor – 20160623 – Platserna där turister frossar i ond, bråd död
Allt om Resor – 20160620 – Det visste du inte om Ernsts nya sommarpärla


Photograph in Arnolds Äventyr – A book about Arnold and his travels. He traveled through 164 countries and is a member of Club 100.