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The travel couple Annika and Daniel Majak


We are Annika and Daniel (Mini) Majak. A crazy travel couple that sold everything for the ability to explore. We were living in Sweden and love to travel. We noticed that the vacations kept getting longer and longer. The longing for being out and exploring kept coming back while at work. Finally, we decided to do what we both dreamt of. Living in a camper with life on the road – exploring everything that the world has to offer. But we are not “only” bloggers. Annika Majak is a full time freelance travel journalist (Bachelor in journalism and media production) and Daniel Majak (Mini) is a full time travel photographer.

About Annika Majak

My home is where my purse is, as simple as that. My bag (that I wanted to buy for 9 years) that I finally got for my self is packed with our passports, computer and hard drives. I am always ready to go – to find new adventures. Oh, and chapstick is also always in my bag because I am truly addicted to it. While traveling I am the one that pushes for the different stuff. If there is a dark alley, I’m the one wanting to check it out. I trust everyone and believe that all people are good. I love animals and can cuddle all day if the opportunity arrives. If I was an animal I would be a squirrel. They are cute and fuzzy and kind off ditzy – just like me.

I am a slob that is always planning on cleaning everything out. My computer is covered with unsorted files and I just never get ready to sort it out. I call myself a Gypset. A gypsy at heart that likes the jet set life to. I do not need any preparation to travel – like I wrote, my bag is always beside me!

Finallylost at Nimis in Sweden
Hiking or fishing in the area
Knots at the museum

About Mini

I come from a background of factory work making jam and later as a taxi driver. And now a Professional Swedish travel photographer for Expressens Allt om resor (one of the biggest travel magazines in Sweden) and also for Atelje Lyktan a company that sells lighting solutions.
I am the one that is keeping us safe. The one that tries to plan ahead in our life. That is not always easy because I can’t pass on an opportunity to travel. Slow travel with loads of photography is my way to travel. Finding hidden gems where there are not loads with people and that can be photographed in a new way.

I am a fixer with both feet on the ground. If something needs to be done – I first need to try to do it myself. Whether it takes an hour or the whole day, I need to try to fix it!
Meanwhile, I try to keep the motorhome as neat as possible. Yes, I agreed on real glasses and plates (not plastic) but they need to be stowed after eating. I love movies that let me leave reality and travel into the mind of imagination. I almost cried when Game Of Thrones season ended. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Welcome to finallylost travel site!

We are so glad to see you on our site and hope that we can help you with something or just socialize.
Things we can do for you is:

  • Content writing
  • Guest posts
  • Photography
  • Press Trips
  • Sponsored blog posts/Articles
  • Promote your country to travelers around the world
  • Getting your destination published in printed media and online

What To Expect on this travel blog

We travel our wild and weird but wonderful world, attempting to find the best places to share with our readers. We are not counting countries while traveling. Exploring and moving slowly is our way to do it. We are very honest and share all our highs and lows (mostly highs). It is not always easy to travel full time (although we do not feel sorry for us). We want to inspire you to follow your dreams and get motivated, whether it is exploring or pursuing your dream.
What do we write about on this travel blog:

  • Activities
  • Culture
  • Food
  • Camping
  • And much much more

What Not To Expect on Finally Lost

Since we don’t have any children, our point of view is adults. We do write about attractions for children also. That is because we love doing childish things. We also borrow our family children sometimes. But mostly when we write prices on attractions that are for adults.

Finally lost Policies

Trips featured on this travel blog are based on our own travel experiences. The majority are planned, booked and paid for by us. We accept the occasional discount or sponsorship from a tourist board or travel company. These will be clearly marked and we will still give you our honest opinion. Simple as that!

How are we funding our travels?

Annika is working as a freelance journalist. Writing about our travels in magazines as Swedish “Allt om Resor” (Swedens largest travel magazine) and South African based magazine “Travel Ideas“. Mini is the photographer for the articles and also for this website. We have collaborations with companies and sell some ads on our website. We also do press trips and write about our experience. Our posts that are press trips are always marked as such. We also write honestly about the destination – even if we got it for free.
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As seen in:

A Swedish Motorhome and caravan magazine “Husbil & Husvagn” published a huge article about us in their March issue 2019. Pages 60-64.

The newspaper “Kristianstadsbladet” You can also read the article online heregave us the cover and a spread in their newspaper 181117 pages 10 – 11.

A Finnish journalist wrote an article about us and our travels https://walleni.us/danielin-ja-annikan-ratkaisu-iso-omakotitalo-vaihtui-matkailuautoon/

Vagabond Sweden  http://www.vagabond.se/artiklar/nyheter/20180524/sveriges-basta-reseinfluencers-utsedda/
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180525 – http://www.kristianstadsbladet.se/kristianstad/lokala-resesajter-prisades-pa-gala/

As heard in:

Polaroid tag Spain-portugal

Latest destination

We are currently in Spain after spending several months in Portugal. We have traveled all over Portugal (from north to south). Now, our motorhome is slowly rolling through Spain along the coast. Slowly, we are making our way back to southern Sweden with a stop in Poland along the way. We have explored so many things that we are sharing with our readers here on the website!


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