Åhus Street Yard Sale – Sunday September 4th 2016

Sep 3, 2016

Åhus Street Yard Sale - Sunday September 4th 2016

So tomorrow Åhus turns into a yard sale town. I truly hope that it will be a success. We are a part of it with a lot of others.

Åhus Yard Sale

So there is a map for tomorrow and all of the houses that are taking part of this sale. This is such a great idea and perfect for us! I am currently working my a* off trying to organize. So friends and family and all people we know – and do not know: Get to Åhus tomorrow and walk, bicycle or drive around and buy cheap stuff!

We will be home and hopefully we will meet some fun people that are visiting the yard sale. Here are all the addresses that are taking part in the festivity! All of them are in Åhus. Come and join the party!

1. Mossrosvägen 50
2. Norra Piggagatan 21a
3. Stubbagatan 31
4. Stubbagatan 39
5. Trollsländevägen 15b
6. Salviastigen 4
7. Skogsviolstigen 5
8. Skogsviolstigen 6
9. Missionsgatan 44
10. Åvägen 9a
11. Paradisvägen I B – This is us!
12. Västra tvärgatan 2
13. Musketörgatan 14
14. Nitvägen 112 B
15. Sjögatan 40
16. Kavrövägen 24
17. Ängsbollsstigen 3
18. Ängsbollsstigen 4
19. Nonegatan 31
20. Briggvägen 2
21.  Nordanvägen 16

Work in progress.

Work in progress.

Mini says that it looks more and more like a store!

Mini says that it looks more and more like a store!

I can't wait until tomorrow!

I can’t wait until tomorrow!

Come join us tomorrow!

Come join us tomorrow!


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  1. Carro

    men såå intressant! 😀 önskar jag kunde vara där!


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