Allure Of The Seas


We have never seen something like this … This is the world’s largest cruise ship. Most people still believe that Oasis of the Seas is bigger but they are wrong Allure of the seas is 5cm larger!

Mighty Allure

We have checked in and booked us on the entertainment tonight. At 9:00 PM its time to go and see the musical Chicago. This cruise ship is absolutely amazing (what we have seen so far). Tomorrow we are going to have a day at sea and explore the ship even more. For getting you a idea of how big the ship actually is. Here are some facts about the mighty Allure of the Seas …

Made in Finland

Premiered: 5 December 2010

Height: 360 meters

Width: 65 meters

Height above water: 9.1 meters

Engine: 4 pcs with 7500 horsepower each

Guests: 6318

Number of staff: 2384 coming from about 80 different countries.

Number of cabins: 2706

Unfortunately we were not able to take pictures when we embarked because it was hidden behind the check-in but the first chance we get, we will take some pictures of this “monster”.

One thing that impressed us was that, from the time we got to the port check in until we were aboard Allure it took 15 minutes = not bad considering that there are over 6000 people on board.

I’ve already found a store that must be investigated and Mini is eager to surf … yes there is a wave surf pool and a zipline on the ship that we just have to try!

Just wait until you see our stateroom 🙂

Life is great!



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