The most amazing fishing village – Carrasqueira

The most amazing fishing village Carrasqueira
It’s funny how different people can see the same thing through different eyes. And different eyes that show a completely different thing depending on who’s looking. My eyes showed me a place that was put together “however”. Minis eyes showed him a structure that was impressive. Come with us to Carrasqueira in Alentejo and be amazed.

Carrasqueira harbor is a unique site

The small village is located in the Nature Reserve of Sado Estuary. The village itself is super cute and nice but that is not the reason why the village of Carrasqueira is so popular. The thing that makes this place so special is that they have preserved something that can only be called a masterpiece of unique architecture.

The quay is spreading hundreds of meters along the muddy Sado River. It is placed on wooden stakes and is made a little like the web of a spider. This was built for the fishermen so that they could get into their boats no matter if it is low tide or high tide.
The most amazing fishing village Carrasqueira

The port in Carrasqueira through Annikas Eyes

This place was incredible! However, I looked twice before I took a step just to be sure to not break a plank and fall in. According to me, this place might have been built like this:
– Ok, so we need to build a harbor to our boats. Everyone, bring what you have at home and lets put something together. 

I don’t mean to offend anyone and I really loved to stroll around here. But this is not a safe place. There are planks that are irregular. Some of them are round, some have become rotten and some are missing. Sure it looks picture perfect but I would recommend you to look before you put your feet down.
The most amazing fishing village Carrasqueira

The port in Carrasqueira through Minis Eyes

Wow! This is an amazing place and every photographer’s dream! And how did they make the construction so steady?! Ned less to say, Mini was more than impressed by the construction and he was not afraid to walk around out there. He ended up spending hours out there – taking pictures and making videos.

He also met other photographers out there and ended up talking to a German guy that had been out there for the last seven days to photograph. To say that Mini took a lot of pictures is an understatement.
The most amazing fishing village Carrasqueira
The most amazing fishing village Carrasqueira

Seeing the harbor from low tide to high tide

When we arrived at Carrasqueira it was low tide and all of the boats were stuck in the mud. You could hear the sounds of the mud and see a lot of birds walking around and looking for food. You could see their footprints in the clay that is called the bottom of the river.

During the next two hours the water kept rising and when we left all the boats were in the water. Nature is so incredible and it is fascinating to see. There are only two destinations where we have seen the difference between the high- and the low tide like this. One is here in Portugal and the other place in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Visiting the village of Carrasqueira

The closest city and a great place to stay at is Alcacer Do Sal. You can drive out to the port by car and you can get all the way out. If you want you can also walk from the village to the port but we went with our motorhome all the way.

Make sure to time your visit so that you are there during high tide. Even if this is the same place the scenery is completely different at low tide. According to a lot of people on TripAdvisor, it’s not supposed to be worth a detour coming here. Mini and I disagree and we feel pretty sure that you will love this place!
The most amazing fishing village Carrasqueira


  1. FREEDOMtravel

    Bilden med husbilen och den röda himlen bakom är FANTASTISK! Förresten, så undrar jag om er redirect från Bringblingtoeverything funkar? Min blogg tycker att jag har brutna länkar där ni har kommenterat, med länk till er gamla sida. När jag klickar på länken kommer jag till en 404-sida …? http://

    • mini

      Tack så mycket det är ett fantastiskt ställe om man gillar att fota. Länkningen jobbar vi på. Hur märkte ni att länken var bruten?

  2. Linda Bibb

    You guys managed to create a really cool story out of something that most people would overlook. I think that’s pretty cool! And your videography is terrific as well. What camera(s) do you guys use?

    • mini

      Thank you for your nice comment. This place was really great. The video was shot with a GoPro 🙂

  3. Kors och Tvärs

    Så otroligt fina bilder – igen. Det verkar ju vara en väldigt mysig liten by ni hittat. Det ska bli spännande att själv få ge sig iväg att leta smultronställen, till hösten 😀

    • mini

      Tusen tack för din fina kommentar! Kan tänka mig att du ser fram emot att utforska. Det finns så himla mycket att se!


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