Ängby Camping, Stockholm, Sweden

Angby campsiteÄngby Camping is promoting themselves as a family camping, 20 minutes from the city center. We stayed for one night and we share our experience from the Ängby camping with you.  

Ängby Camping in Stockholm, Sweden

This place is for campers and caravans and even for people coming by car. They also have loads of cabins for rent so you don’t even need your own camper or caravan to enjoy this place. They are offering a lot of activities for children and adults, like a mini golf course and a waterslide. And best of all, its close to the beach. You are about 500 meters from the subway that takes you to the city center of Stockholm. It’s amazing how you can be out in the green fields and beach and 20 minutes later you are in the city center of Stockholm. The area where this camping is located is truly great! But it is a two-star camping so you can not expect too much!
Angby campsite beach
Angby camping

Our experience of Ängby camping

Ok so we always keep it real and are honest. Our first impression was: this place is for people that are living in their campers all year round. A lot of campers placed here were covered in moss and it looked somewhat shabby. At the same time we were here in April and the trees had not yet gotten leafs on them. The waterslide was not up and running and the restaurant and bar in the area were closed. That means that the camping place was not “at its best”. We did feel the “shabby” of this place but at the same time we did feel safe here. We left Nelson (our motor home) here and went to town and we were not worried.

The facilities were ok, no better or worse. The toilets were ok but not that clean and in all honesty, we would not use the kitchen to make our food.
Angby camping facilities
Angby camping facilities

Camping for the whole family

Important is that you note that this was out of season when we were here and during peak season I bet that they keep the place more fresh and nice. And a minus is that you need to pay extra if you want to take a shower. That is something that we feel should be included. You pay 10 SEK for a token but we have no idea of how long the water will run for one token. On the plus side of this camping is that we believe that you can have a great time here – without leaving the camping area at all. On the downside is that the place feels somewhat wore down. They are also offering cabins for people that don’t have campers or caravans.

Prices and discount cards

The price in April 2017: 280 SEK kronor. If you want electricity it’s 45 SEK kronor and if you want cable tv it is
10 SEK more. However, they are connected to “camping key Europe” so if you are a member there you will get a discount. In our case, we paid 250 SEK and for the price, we got electricity so we saved 75 SEK kronor.
Angby camping Reception building

Information about Ängby Camping

Address: Blackebergsvägen 24, 168 50 Bromma.
Website: angbycamping.se

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All in all, there are different opinions on Ängby Camping. Either you like it or you will never return. We would return – if all the other campsites were fully booked!

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  1. FREEDOMtravel

    Vi har varit på Ängby camping en gång. Då var vi bjudna på fest till en husvagn där en snickare bodde en längre tid för att jobba i Stockholm, och som Peter jobbade med 😉


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