Apartheid Museum – Johannesburg.

Apartheid museum ropes

The Apartheid museum is located just outside Johannesburg in South Africa. It is a very important place to visit. It is important that we learn about history, and then we are more aware so that it will never happen again. Unfortunately, we have noticed that a lot of racism still lives in South Africa, but probably it is better than before!

Apartheid Museum outside of Johannesburg

Apartheid comes from the Afrikaans term for privacy, distinction and treats and is the social system that existed in South Africa from 1948 to 1994. We associate apartheid to racism, period!


Everything starts at the entrance of the museum, that’s when you understand that you will get “the full experience”. Mini and I got two different tickets during the visit at the museum. I was dark skinned and Mini was white. Since we didn’t have the same color, we didn’t walk beside each other during the first part of the museum. I was walking in a corridor that was designed for dark-skinned and Mini walked alongside me in a corridor designed for white people, but we could not see each other.
Notice the signs:


During the apartheid period humanity was divided into different categories:
White, mainly Afrikaans and English-speaking white
Black, dark-skinned even “Natives” or “Bantu”
Asians, mainly people from India
Coloured, people of mixed descent.


If you want to see and participate in everything that the museum has to offer, you have to stay here for hours. The museum is full of information. Television screens are playing old film clips. There are signs with information everywhere. At many places, you can listen to some of the talks held during the Apartheid period. It is very moving and sad to hear about all the terrible things that happened in South Africa. It can be difficult to fathom all the information given here. If one were to summarize the museum in a single word, it’s the word informative.
Do not forget to stop and read the signs, watch movies and listen to the information, everything here is very interesting.



Entrance fee is R80 and you can read more about the place on their website.




  1. Katta

    Hemskt att man ska behandlas olika pga av sin hudfärg. Jag säger då alltid döm inte hunden efter håret!!

  2. Carro

    Det där lär va sjukt intressant att besöka!

  3. Pernilla

    Ja ibland känns det som det var igår pojkarna kom, samtidigt som det känns som så länge sen nu. Man kommer knappt ihåg!!

    Ha det bra!

  4. Sara

    Det skulle jag vilja besöka!! 🙂

  5. Louise

    Usch helt sjukt

  6. chris

    så fruktansvärt :/


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