Armazem – The coolest store ever!

Armazém in PortoArmazem. The name means warehouse. And this store, tapasbar and café are housed in an old warehouse so the name is fitting. This place is cool, it’s hip and it is crazy and plain awesome! For now, it is still a hidden gem in Porto but not for long. Before soon people will flock here. 

Armazem – The coolest place in Porto

Still a hidden gem but at the same time, mentioned in the New York Times Magazine. We stumbled upon this place while taking a walk in Porto. We had not heard anything about this place but I thought that it looked cool from the outside. They have all these chairs that they have stuck on the wall. Once inside we were both so impressed and in awe that we couldn’t leave.

Ok so at first we were not sure what this place was. Is it a store? Is it a showroom? A restaurant? Well, it is all in one. The store is selling antiques but there is a quality on the stuff sold here. It is a flee market but a high-end one. Confused? Yes so were we but the confusion about this place is also what makes it so super special.
Armazém in Porto

High-end antiques and some “garbage” too

One of my first thoughts was “how much is all this stuff worth?” because it must be a fortune. Most of the things that are for sale here are not garbage and they are not just old – there are really unique. There were so many things that impressed me, like the super old National Geographic Magazines from 1947. I didn’t even know that the Magazine was that old.

Super old pictures of naked women and “old time” porn mixed with matches and lava lamps. Yes, it is a crazy place. And now take all that crazy stuff and add an old man sleeping. To top it of there really was a man sleeping in one of the chairs (that I think was for sale).
Armazém in Porto
Armazém in Porto

Really old luggage at Armazem

My favorite was all of the super old luggage that they had for sale. I’m not sure how old the bags were but the one that I saw from Holland of America seemed to be a really old treasure. It might be that I was drawn to the luggage due to my interest in travel but it was super cool to see so many bags from the good old days. Thoughts like “where have this bag been” and “what was packed inside here” kept going through my mind.

I believe that we spent a good hour – just walking around and looking at all the stuff. Our tip is that you walk around, then you can grab something to eat or drink and then take another round. I can promise you that you will find new stuff that you missed before.
Armazém in Porto
Armazém in Porto

Having a glass of wine to the sound of ABBA

Since we were booked for another place for food, we decided to just have something to drink here. I ordered a glass of wine and Mini went for a beer. 3,50 euro was the price for the wine. That is a totally okay price to pay if you ask us!

We sat down in this awesome environment and just listened to the ABBA music that came from the speakers. Perfect music for a perfect place. When I’m writing this – Armazem is still a nice hidden gem but we both believe that it will explode soon and then they might start taking an entrance fee!
Armazém in Porto
Armazém in Porto

Information about Armazem

Address: Rua de Miragaia 93, 4050-554 Porto, Portugal.
Opening hours: Daily 11:30 – 20.00.
Entrance fee: Free of charge.


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