Aruba – Antilla Shipwreck!

May 30, 2012

The Antilla shipwreck acts as a reef, but you can not see that much of it when you snorkel (because it´s too deep). Because of the visibility we do not have the snorkeling trip on the 101 … the list but we still want to present it as an attraction in Aruba.

To do: Antilla shipwreck

What: A German ship was lowered just off of Aruba during World War II.
Where: Aruba, Caribbean.
Opening hours: Daily tours are offered if the weather allows it.
Price: It depends on whether you want to dive or snorkel and which company you choose!

Suitable for: Snorkelers, scuba divers and anyone interested in seeing a shipwreck.
How it works: You can both dive or snorkel at the Antilla. Unfortunately we did only have the opportunity to snorkel but one day we will return to dive here.
The snorkeling was pretty key because you only see the tip of ship and otherwise it’s just the blue around it.
The snorkeling here is amazing!

We went snorkeling on another site to have a look here


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