Aruba – California Lighthouse!

Jun 27, 2012

It´s a beautiful lighthouse, although it is not that special at all (for us). The California Lighthouse is a landmark that Arubians are very proud of and it should be visited while at the island!

To see: California lighthouse

What: A lighthouse made of stone which is designed by a French architect in 1910 and built between 1914 and 1916. It is named after a ship, S.S. California which sank near the coast.
Where: Aruba, Caribbean.
Opening hours: You can visit it whenever you want.
Price: It’s free to go there, but you can buy some souvenirs and soft drinks or ice cream from vendors on site.(The party bus goes here to.) Read more about the party bus here.

Suitable for: Anyone interested in the monuments and Aruba’s history.
How it works: You get there and walk around the lighthouse … that´s it!
To their website

Beautiful landscape and views.

This is as close to paradise as you get.
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Antilla shipwreck (snorkeling)


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