Backyard touristing

Oct 16, 2016


45 days left until we start our travels. And not just a vacation – travel for a living. All of our friends keep asking us where we are going first and in all honesty… we have no idea. Since we have traveled more and more in Sweden and Denmark we feel we want to see more of the nordic countries.

I have never been to Norway or Finland – yes that is the truth. When it is time for vacation we always travel far away and often to warm countries. Now when it is time to move into our RV we both feel that we want to see more of Sweden, more of the country we were born in. Explore and just be tourists. And after being on two press trips to Denmark we feel that we have missed this pearl in our own backyard.

It is really a common mistake that I think that a lot of us do. We strive to take our vacations at far away destinations and miss what is in our backyard. We are trying to be tourists everyday and that truly gives more quality to life. My parents have a vacation house on Ivö – a small island not to far from Åhus. Our plan is to many spend a couple of weeks there during winter while we plan what to do next!

But for now it is time to continuing emptying out the house. Today all of the paintings are going to my parents house (because they want them), not because we made them take them! And yes… the pictures show how ego I used to be 😉


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