Big Changes on the site!

Apr 20, 2016

Big Changes on the site!
It has been in my mind for a long time but life came in the way and there was never really enough time to sit down and write down all the changes that we wanted – but then finally I got to work. I wrote a lot of changes down and send them to Daniel (Worlds best webbdesigner) and now it is soon happening!
While the changes were being made on the website I asked him for a new logo because lets be honset – just a name Bring bing to everything is not a logo. Daniel did it (because he is the worlds best logo maker as well) and I could not be more thrilled when it comes to the result. I did not give him any directions, just asked him to create a logo and he made it perfect on the first try!
Now we have the perfect logo and it is all in the details…
This is our new logo that will continue on with us and keep growing with this site:
Big Changes on the site!

I am so happy and so excited and so thrilled for you all to see the changes and I am so thankful to Daniel that takes his time with me, that listens to all my stupid requests and that is so good at what he does that I am surprised how he managed to find the time to make this dream a reality for this site.

Keep you eyes open and please let me know of what you think of the new site, the new layout!
If you want to make your own website, contact Daniel for 100% satisfaction and made according to your dreams! He truly is the best and have patience like no one I know!

Thank you worlds best Daniel for making this for us!


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