My bike got stolen in Sevilla

My bike got stolen in Sevilla
Doesn’t the title of this post sound like a song title? I think so but it is not a nice one. I trust people and I hope that I always will and that this incident won’t change my view of people. But it was a sad day when I lost my dear bike, named Klara. 

Klara was an old bike but a good one

Klara was of the brand Monark – a well known Swedish brand. I have had her for more than 15 years but she was still going strong. When we sold everything we owned and moved into the motorhome we were going back and forth if we should sell our bikes to or if we should bring them. Finally, we decided to bring them and started exploring more by bike during our travels.

Mini had a mountain bike and he didn’t like it so we sold his bike and got him a (not so) new one. His old bad boy is from the 1940’s and is named King. And it is a really good quality bike even if it is that old. So we loaded Klara and King on the motorhome and off we went.
My bike got stolen in Sevilla
My bike got stolen in Sevilla

Biking to the city center of Sevilla

So after biking a lot all over Europe, we ended up at a camper-area in Sevilla. This is the place where we got to know Taina and Fritte and we all decided to bike to the city center to explore. We had locks on our bikes and we also had a wire-lock and locked our bikes together. And when we came to the city center we locked our bikes and went exploring.

However, I did not lock my bike because I didn’t bring the key and since we had the wire-lock I didn’t think that it was necessary. Turned out that it was! When we came back to our bikes, Taina noticed that someone had moved them around. And that was when I noticed that Klara was gone. Someone had taken and cut our wires. All the bikes were left except for Klara (she was the only one that didn’t have her back tire locked).
My bike got stolen in Sevilla

Leaving Klara in Sevilla

This was a new feeling that I got. Someone had stolen something of mine and it was my bike. Mini confessed that he was waiting for me to start crying but I didn’t. The problem was that we immediately felt that we needed to get me a new bike. There was no point in going through insurance because the bike was way to old.

It felt strange – leaving Sevilla the next day, knowing that Klara was still left in Sevilla. I try not to be a bad person but I hope that the person that stole Klara will fall of the bike!

Buying a new bike in Portugal

Our first day in Faro we went bike shopping and after some fails where we ended up in stores that only sold racing bikes we found the store Decathlon. That’s a store that sells different kinds of sports equipment, including bikes.

And this was the place where I found “Luna“, my new bike. I was looking for a pink bike but once I saw Luna I was in love. She is the latest addition to our family and she has the best lights ever for when we bike in the dark! And since our wire-lock got cut we also bought brand new locks – real chains this time. If someone wants to steal Luna or King they will have to bring a disc grinder with them! Good luck with that.🤞🏼

My bike got stolen in Sevilla

Tip on biking in Europe

I want to finish this post with some tip for people that want to bring their bikes to Europe.

  • Before you get on your bike, make sure to check (maybe on Google maps) how the roads are where you want to bike. In several countries in Europe, there are no roads for biking and you want to feel safe while riding your bike.
  • Don’t just lock your bike with a regular wire locks. Make sure that you have a chain lock. The once we got cost about 20:- euro and it is a cheap way to protect your bike.
  • Put a basket on your bike if you don’t yet have one. This is perfect for when you go shopping and need to bring the stuff back!

My bike got stolen in Sevilla

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