Biking in Dalarna during summer – a true biking paradise

Last updated Apr 14, 2021

Biking in Dalarna during summer.
Biking in Dalarna during summer is a great way to explore the landscape and region. “Biking Dalarna” is a collaboration between different cycling regions. Now they have come together and there are about 1 400 kilometers to bike through while visiting Dalarna. We did not cover it all, however, we did go for a bike ride while visiting Dalarna. Read all about it and about biking in this beautiful part of the country.  

Biking in Dalarna – Sweden’s largest cycling paradise

Biking in Dalarna during summer is a big thing. And it doesn’t take long before you understand why this region is so popular for people that want to go bike riding. Whether it’s downhill or cross country – here’s something for everyone and for all ages. For example, there’s a brand new (summer 2020) “Flowtrail” in Orsa that’s made for the whole family. At Orsa Grönklitt, there are several different trails you can try out.

From the south to the north. From the west to the east. In Dalarna, there are biking trails everywhere and whatever city you’ll visit, there’s a trail. Biking Dalarna is just a good guideline to have. But keep in mind that there are way more trails than the ones that are listed among them. We have been out biking in Dalarna and we have also done the research and found some great trails.
Biking in Dalarna - Sweden's largest cycling paradise

Biking Dalarna – a collaboration between several different regions

What makes all these 21 different bike paths special is the quality and the service on all the trails. You will find the trail well marked and there’s no need to worry that you’ll get lost. When it comes to cross country and/or downhill – Dalarna is the place to be. Here’s a list of all the regions and cities that are included in “Biking Dalarna”. You’ll find more information at the information points in each city.

If you want, you can also book your own biking-guide in several of the cities. And we want to point out that there are more places that are also nice bike-trails that are not included in this project. If you don’t have your own bike, no worries, there are several places where you can rent a bike.

  1. Idre Fjäll.
  2. Rörbäcksnäs.
  3. Lindvallen.
  4. Sälens By.
  5. Vasaloppsarenan.
  6. Kläppen.
  7. Lima.
  8. Älvdalen.
  9. Öje.
  10. Malung.
  11. Tyngsjö.
  12. Orsa Grönklitt (read more about it below in this article).
  13. Gesunda.
  14. Mora Parken.
  15. Rättvik.
  16. Siljansnäs.
  17. Bjursås.
  18. Lugnet.
  19. Källviken.
  20. Säfsen.
  21. Säter.

Biking Dalarna - a collaboration between several different regions

Orsa Gronklitt – A biking paradise

Right by the Orsa Rovdjurspark, there’s a huge biking place. You can bring your own bike or you can rent (or buy one) in the shop. They have about nine different tracks to choose from. Find the one that suits you best and get your bike ready:

  • Grönklitt Flowtrail – Very easy – 2 kilometers – An easy trail that suits the whole family.
  • Hornbergarundan – Easy – 23,5 kilometers – cycling mostly on graveled road.
  • Fryksåsrundan – Medium – 5,6 kilometers – cycling mostly on a path.
  • Timmerholsrundan – Easy – 11 kilometers – cycling on graveled road and on a path.
  • Toppturen – Easy – 13,9 kilometers – cycling on an asphalt road and on gravel.
  • Nybodsturen – Medium – 15,2 kilometer – cycling on graveled road and on a path.
  • Slalomturen – Hard – Between 1 and 7,1 kilometers – hard terrain.
  • Fryksås – Very easy – 4 kilometers – cycling on a “regular” road.
  • Multitrack – 5 kilometers – cycling on asphalt.

Orsa Gronklitt - A biking paradise

Biking around Husbyringen

Husbyringen is a 60-kilometer long route that is said to be Sweden’s first eco-museum. If you want to go biking here, you can rent bikes at the Stjärnsund visitor center. If I remember it correctly, they have four bikes for rent. After getting your bike, you can start exploring the area at your own pace. This bike trail will offer lots of stops along the way. During the summer, you should bring your swimsuit because there are lots of places where you can swim.

Be prepared to find nice spots around Husbyringen while biking around. There are a lot of nice spots where you can get something to eat or drink. If you want to know more about Husbyringen and what to do there, you can read more about our dinner in nature in kloster and husbyringen.
Biking around Husbyringen

Biking around Husbyringen

Stjärnsunds visiter center. This is the place to rent a bike.

Stjarnsund to Langshyttan by bike

During our visit to Dalarna, we got to go for a bike ride. We started out by getting our bikes at the visitor center in Stjärnsund. We had two choices on routes, one was that we bike to Siljansnäs (part of Husbyringen). The other one was to bike to Långshyttan. We decided on the second one (for no special reason) and ended up having an amazing morning. The trail was about 12 kilometers one way but the path was easy (except for some wind on the way back).

This was such a special trip for us. We don’t ride bikes that often and we have even decided to take our own bikes down from the motorhome. We walk a lot but when it comes to biking – not so much. The bikes we borrowed were made by Skeppshult (a great and famous brand in Sweden) and they were easy to ride. We biked to Långshyttan and back and on the way we stopped and went for a swim.
Biking in Dalarna - SwedenStjarnsund to Langshyttan by bikeThe bikes we rented in stjernsund

Skinny dipping in Dalarna

Yes, this is personal but this is our website and we share whatever we please. My past when it comes to swimming naked is almost non-existing. I have tried it once with my dear friend Linnéa. She was visiting us in Åhus (when we still had the house) and we came to talking. Turned out that no one of us had ever been skinny dipping. Said and done – we went straight away. The problem is that the beach in Åhus is super shallow. We kept running and running but the water kept being shallow. Let’s just end that story with the word fail!

So, now I felt that I had a new chance of going skinny dipping. Said and done. Since Mini and I were all alone by the lake it was even easier to just swim naked instead of changing into swimwear. The water was cold at first but after a while, we got used to it and just enjoyed it. This was the perfect stop during our bike ride. I would even say that this was the highlight of the tour.
Skinny dipping in DalarnaTake a swim in the lakes in Dalarna

Different landscapes during the bike ride

Biking in Dalarna is a fun way to explore the region. You can decide for yourself how easy (or hard) you want your trail to be. We ended up struggling a bit on our way back but that was mostly due to the wind. We passed pastures with cows and sheep. After a while, we passed several different lakes and nice picnic areas. The road was nice and wide and we had no trouble biking next to each other.

And yes, we didn’t have helmets. However, when we picked up the bikes, we were offered helmets so that is our own responsibility that we ended up biking without. We can recommend you to go biking in Dalarna with all our heart. It’s fun, easy and a great experience! If you are more of a hiking person or if you like both check out our post on Grovelsjon – Your next hiking adventure in Sweden
Different landscapes during the bike rideDifferent landscapes during the bike ride

Disclaimer: Our visit and biking in Dalarna was part of a press trip that was arranged by Visit Dalarna. All the thoughts and opinions are our own!
Press TripVisit Dalarna

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