Boat tour around Old Town in Lubeck

Last updated Nov 3, 2021

Boat tour around Old Town in LubeckA boat tour in Lubeck around Old Town is one of our absolute favorite things to do in Lubeck. We got to go on a one-hour trip, all by ourselves. Everyone can rent a boat and everyone should. This is a great way to relax and to see the city from a different angle. Join us on our boat tour with E-boats.

Bout tour Lubeck in an E-boat (Electric)

Mini and I both love being on the water. Mini is actually a certified Yacht-Master so he’s allowed to work as a captain on boats. However, when renting an e-boat, you don’t need to have any license or permits. The boats are really easy to drive and the route is almost like in a circle so you will not get lost. We are used to being in boats and going on sightseeing. But we weren’t used to boats that are completely quiet.

The boats are electrical and really soundless. It creates a completely different experience when you can sit together and talk without the sounds of the engine. And there is so much to see while cruising around old town Lubeck. The peacefulness was almost overwhelming at times.
Boat tour around Old Town in Lubeck
Bout tour around Old Town in an E-boat
We went on a boat tour in Lubeck
We went on a boat tour in Lubeck

Choose how long you want to have the boat

We got to have the boat for one hour. The price for one hour is 39 euros. If you take the roundtrip, it takes about 50 minutes so one-hour en enough. But if you want to enjoy some coffee or sandwich (that you brought with you), you might want to rent the boat for two hours instead (69 euros). Or if you like, you can keep it for three hours for 99 euros. Mini and I got the information that if we were a couple of minutes late, that was fine.

One of the guys working at the “Boat-Now” company will show you everything you need to know. The boats are programmed in a certain way so you can’t drive fast. But that’s not the point of going around the Old Town – no, you want to take it easy and just enjoy life. We didn’t bring anything with us but the next time we go back, we will make sure to bring some snacks with us to enjoy, while taking our boat ride.

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Choose how long you want to have the boat
Map of the boat tour and old town

Sightseeing on the channel

While taking the boat ride, we passed a lot of highlights. It’s awesome to see the different sights from the water too. For example, we passed a lot of famous churches in Old Town. Don’t get us wrong – it’s not a hop on hop off tour, so you can’t stop and venture off exploring. But you do get to see some really nice things and it’s a great way to plan what you want to visit next.

The tour lasts for five kilometers and it’s a one-way round trip. We had the most relaxing time, gliding on the water at a slow pace – just enjoying. And we were so lucky with the weather. We were there in September and the sun was shining like it was in the middle of the summer!
Boat tour around Old Town in Lubeck
The houses are beutiful in Lubeck
The houses are beutiful in Lubeck

Information about renting a boat

Company: Boat Now.
Address: An der Obertrave, Lubeck.
Price: 39 euro for one hour.

Check out some of the restaurants and cafes in Lubeck

We have been to all of them and can vouch for each and every one of them. Lubeck has so many nice restaurants and cafés to offer that it’s impossible to try them all out!

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      Det var FANTASTISK så det är helt rätt uppfattat 😉

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