To see: 27000 years old Bushman Paintings In Lesotho

Sitting on a horseback for about 6 hours. Then get of the horse and walk steep hills to get to the amazing bushmen paintings. Welcome to Lesotho. And welcome to a hard and tired-some walk.

To see in Lesotho

During our trip in Lesotho we stayed at Malealea Lodge and took a full day riding trip. One of the stops we made to let our butts rest was the Bushman paintings that are at least 27 000 years old.
Even if our behinds where getting rested, I can tell you that it is not a dance on the famous roses to get to the paintings themselves. They are well hidden so you have to take a path down hill  (and obviously walk the same path up) to get there.


We had a guide, a girl who lived in the neighborhood and you could tell that she had done this before. For Mini and me it was hard work to go down the steps and have a look at the paintings.
We visited two different places with bushman paintings and luckily, they were close to each other!
It’s pretty cool to stand eye to eye with a painting this old – men with spears and bows. It is amazingly well made!
Everything here is original, all the paintings and colors – Nothing here is fixed or repainted. Awesome!!!

My culture brain kicks off right away. I end up in a fantasy world in no time when I find myself in such places.
Who designed it? How long did it take? What more played out in the artists life? What was the idea behind the paintings?

To these questions there are no real answers, just a lot of theories. These bushman paintings are apparently painted in a period style.
But even if it was a pain to get there, it is cool to have seen it!


  1. Emilia

    Häftigt! Och härliga o fina bilder. 🙂

  2. Pernilla

    Vad häftigt att ha sett sådana målningar 🙂

  3. Linda-Mamma till Alfred

    Nä då har du haft tur tycker det bara att dm stinger sprit och gammal cigg då jobbar här och passar på att stjäla. Inte omtyckta här dessvärre =( Alla är inte sådana men många tyvärr, så himla trist! Men är ju inte bara polacker utan andra med men iom detta så får man givetvis massa fördomar, även om man skall vara godhjärtad svensk och inte tycka/säga ngt men jag har själv bevittnat alldeles för myckt för att ha ett rent sinne/mottagande för dem tyvärr=(

  4. Katta

    Vilka härliga bilder, o vilket minne för livet ni fick.

  5. Sara

    Vilket roligt inlägg.

  6. Minna

    Gillar era äventyr!

  7. Erica

    Vad häftigt! 🙂


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