Camping in Poznan, Poland

Last updated May 24, 2021

Poznan Camping
A camping we visited while in Poznan was the Hotel Camping Malta. What a great place! We spent two days at this camping in Poznan and we felt like we could have stayed here a lot longer. Located right by the famous Malta river – you are sure to be satisfied. Read all about what we thought about the camping in Poznan.

Hotel Camping Malta, Poznan, Poland

This is not only a camping. This is also a hotel in a great location with some awesome walking paths close by. And if you want to get to the city center you just take the tram. It takes about 10 minutes from the camping to the tram. And after about 10 minutes you are right in the center of Poznan. The camping is very quaint and I love the fact that they have bushes between every camper. This gives you a feeling of having your own garden.
Poznan Camping

All the restrooms and public areas are clean and nice. And there is even a  station there where you can wash your car! The staff at the reception are super nice and friendly. They will give you all the information you need!

NO NEED TO FEAR: While staying at the Malta Camping you are most likely hear sirens from police cars all day and all night. We came up with the idea that the camping is placed somewhere around the police station and that’s why we could hear all the sirens. Not sure if it’s true or not but Poznan is a safe city so no worries.

Taking over the camping in Poznan

Right there, right by the reception, there is a Poke Stop. This is for all you Pokemon nerds (like us). We took over the camping twice during our stay. I think that there is someone that’s working at the camping that is playing Pokemon too. We want to bed, owning the camping. By the time we woke up we had to go back and fight to get it back.
Poznan Camping Pokemon

Mini and I like to Pokemon. However, we seldom battle so it was fun to have it right in our backyard! But all you that don’t Pokemon – no worries, there is a lot of nice things to do and to explore within walking distance of the camping.

Lake Malta in Poznan, Poland

This lake is very famous in Poland. It was man-made in 1952 and is the place where both locals and tourists come to relax and enjoy. The area of the Lake Malta is 67 acres so it makes for a perfect walk. And on the lake, you are most likely to see people kayaking. This is a big deal here and there are a lot of competitions that are held here.

While walking around you can visit restaurants and cafés or just sit down and enjoy the lake. Close by you also have a lot of attractions to choose from. We walked about 5 kilometers by the lake and it was really soothing. Being in a big city but still being at such a calming place is awesome!

Poznan Camping

The malta ski seen from the camping in Poznan

Attractions around Lake Malta

  1. Malta Thermal Baths – A nice place where you can spend a couple of hours, soaking in the pools. The complex houses no less then 18 sports and recreational swimming pools and there is also an aqua park. However, the name thermal baths are somewhat misleading. The baths are not thermal – they just happen to be placed on a thermal ground. Address: ul. Termalna 1.
  2. Malta Ski – Poland’s first all-year round artificial ski slope. Here you can also find a summer toboggan – how awesome is that?! Address: ul. Wiankowa 2.
  3. New Zoo – Around 2 000 animals and around 140 species. It’s said that the animals are kept in conditions that closely resemble their natural habitat. Whether that’s true or not – we can not say because we didn’t visit the zoo during our trip to Poznan. Address: ul. Krańcowa 81 (Nowe Miasto).
  4. Malta Miniature Rail – A 3,8-kilometer long train ride that takes you on a ride with a steam engine train. The train runs daily from the end of April to the end of September.
  5. Galeria Malta – This is the largest retail and entertainment center in western Poland. A shopping mall just the way it should be! Address:  ul. Maltańska 1.

Information about Hotel Camping Malta, Poznan

Address: Krańcowa 98, 60-101 Poznań, Poland.
Phone number: +48 61 876 62 03.
Part of ACSI that gives you lower rates during low season.
Price: Around 23 Euro. In the price, the wifi and electricity are included.
Map of Poznan


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