Camping in Sevilla – Camping Villsom in Dos Hermanas

Last updated May 29, 2021

Camping Villsom in SevillaSevilla. Well, 30 minutes outside of Sevilla there is a camping. It is a two star ranked camping that is in the city of Dos Hermanas. We spent a couple of days and nights here and want to share our experience with you guys. So come with us to Camping Villsom and see if you like it!

Camping Villsom in Dos Hermanas

There is a camper area that is in Sevilla. However, if you want to stay at a camping, you have to head to the city of Dos Hermanas. It is about 30 minutes by bus to Sevilla and this is the closest camping that you can find. We spent a couple of days at this Camping in Sevilla and we had a nice time. My first thing – and the most important thing is the showers! How are they and is there any warm water? No warm water is the wrong word – is there any hot water?

Since we spent a couple of days here, we got to try out their washers too and we also got to explore some of the town, Dos Hermanas to. It is an ok camping with easy access to Sevilla but it still left us asking for some more.
Camping Villsom

All you need at the camping – and a pool

At Camping Villsom you have everything that you can ask for at a camping. The showers are not super fresh but at the same time they have hot water and you can bring all of your things with you into the shower. Each shower is closed off and you have your own personal space. And best of all – you can choose the temperature of the water yourself! A lot of campings have a set temperature and a button that you have to push to get water. That is not the case here, which is great!

There are two washing machines and one dryer. For 3,50 euros you can either use the washer or dryer. For those that want, you can also do your laundry by hand. Included in the 3,50 are washing tablets. Our advice is to use your own and not these. I think that they are of poor quality and your new washed laundry might end up with lumps of washing-powder on them. And no, we didn’t stuff too much into the machine!
Camping in Sevilla
Camping in Sevilla
Camping in Sevilla

A Camping in Sevilla, well close enough

You feel safe at the camping. A lot has to do that it is closed off, somewhat fenced in. They close the camping during the night (but you can still come and go as you want) and there is a guard of some sort that let you in and out. But it is not all good and perfect… if we should say something about the downside of this camping – I would say that the spaces for the motorhomes are really narrow. When you get a neighbor they are really close to you.

Another thing is that they should do some trimming work on their trees because the top of the motorhome gets easily scratched while trying to park. I love the pool, even if we didn’t get to use it. And there is also a mini-golf course that I believe could use some love. But this is a good camping to stay at while discovering Sevilla.

Information about camping Villsom

Address: Carretera Sevilla-Cadiz N IV Km 55541703 Dos Hermanas, Spain.
Price: 21,40 euros per night without electricity (2018) and 25,40 with electricity. However, if you stay for two nights the price goes down by 15 percent and if you stay for three nights it goes down 20 percent.
Connected to camping card: Not ACSI.
Spaces: 210.

Getting from the camping to Sevilla

Like I mentioned before, this is the closest camping near Sevilla. However, it is really easy to get to town by taking the bus. It takes you about 10 minutes to walk to the bus stop. During the weekdays the bus leaves about every 30 minutes. During weekends, about once each hour and a half. You pay 1,70 euros for a ticket to get to Sevilla. The bus number is M-132.

Now, this is Spain so we need to confirm a stereotype. The bus is not always on time. Well, except for that one time when we were a minute late and then of course it had left on time. The bus will take you to Plaza De Espana and that is a perfect place to start your exploring! If you want to get to the city center, it is a 10-minute walk from the Plaza De Espana.
Camping Villsom

Visiting the city of Dos Hermanas

We spent a Sunday afternoon, strolling around in the city of Dos Hermanas. Ok, so Sunday was probably not the best day to explore a new town but at the same time, we were not looking for something special – just out for a walk. And we believe that this is the best way to explore this town. Just walk and enjoy! There are not that many attractions here, but it is a nice town to just walk around in. And if you want to stock up on food groceries – there is a huge Carrefour (store) that is like ten minutes from the camping.

We walked passed the city center and walked around in a nice park that we found. Even if all the stores were closed, the park was full of people, playing and eating. It feels like a really friendly place. Sure it is not that great when you want to play Pokemon Go (there are not that many to be caught here) but otherwise, it makes for a great walk. If you want more action, we do recommend you to go to Sevilla instead.
Dos Hermanas

“Camping” in Sevilla – Area de Autocaravanas de Sevilla

If you are not looking for a camping and will settle for a camper area you might want to visit the Area de Autocaravanas de Sevilla. This is a motorhome area that is closer to the city center of Sevilla. From here you have about 3,2 kilometers to the city center. They promote themselves that it is one kilometer to town but that is into Sevilla, but not the city center. During our visit here, we took our bikes into town. This is also when my bike got stolen (not from the camping area though).

They have showers and restrooms at the camping area if you don’t want to go inside your motorhome. However, the showers were pretty nasty so I think that you are better off taking a shower in your motorhome. They also have a washer and dryer so that you can do your laundry. But the thing is that this place is more like “just a parking spot”. The level of cozy is less than zero at this place. You are standing on asphalt in an industrial area.
Area de Autocaravanas de Sevilla
Area de Autocaravanas de Sevilla

Camping in Sevilla – just a bike ride away

Make sure to either have a bike or a scooter if you want to stay here. Sure you can walk the three-something kilometers to town but you will have to walk back to and that might be hard. Make sure to save those steps to actually explore Sevilla. If you want to stock up on groceries there is a supermarket one kilometer away.

My first impression of this place was that this was where all the stolen cars were loaded off. We never got to the end of it but there is some sort of loading and unloading of cars going on here. Now it feels like we are bashing this place but to be honest with you – this is a good place to leave your motorhome while you explore Sevilla. And for the price (12 euros 2018) it is a great spot.

Information about Area de Autocaravanas de Sevilla

Address: Avenida Garcia Morato n3, 41011 Sevilla, Spain. Don’t trust your GPS fully here, use your eyes. The GPS might try to fool you and make you go round and round. 
Price: 12 euros per night without electricity (2018) and 15 with electricity.
Spaces: 100.


  1. Carol

    Thanks for sharing this useful information. We also stayed at Dos Hermanas when we visited the lovely city of Sevilla and yes it is fine, although we had some difficulties finding it and had to ask local people for directions! This was before we had access to Google maps of course.

    • Annika & Mini

      Hahaha even with google maps, some of these places are hard to find!

  2. Anna / Boihusbil

    Tack för tips – vi ska helt klart utforska Sevilla – var vi ska stå har vi inte bestämt än, men tack för era tips.

    • Annika & Mini

      Missa inte Plaza de Espana bara för det är fantastiskt! 🙂

  3. Kors och Tvärs

    Tack för bra info om Sevilla, det står kvar på vår “att-göra- lista” eftersom vi prioriterade ett besök i El Rocio.


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