Camping Stover Strand – Enjoy Hamburg and relax

Camping Stover Strand
Camping Stover Strand is located about 80 minutes by commute from Hamburg. The campsite is so nice that you really don’t feel the need to leave the campsite. In total, they have 450 spots for motorhomes and caravans. We got the chance to stay here for a couple of nights and I quickly found my favorite spot.

Camping Stover Strand – Perfect for relaxation

At this camping, you can find so many different things to do. So many in fact, that I believe that you could spend a week here and still don’t see it all. Since this is a popular place, reservations are recommended. They offer, not only spots for motorhome and campers – but they also have houses, a hostel and my absolute favorite – a glamping area. Since we came with our home, there was no need for us to spend time in the glamping area but that was where we both were drawn.

When I write articles for travel magazines, they always want hotels and places to stay in the article. I usually never mention campings in those articles since I can’t assume that people travel by motorhome. But in this case, the next time I sell and article on Hamburg to a travel magazine, I will definitely have the glamping area mentioned as a place to stay.
Camping stover strand Glamping

Glamping at it’s best

Glamping has been super trendy for a while now and most of you have heard the word Glamping before. It’s a wordplay of the word glamorous and camping combined. At Camping Stover Strand, they focus on a retro form of glamping. Several old caravans are placed in a circle and their pastel colors are absolutely adorable. It’s so cozy and nice that I can’t but wait for some fairy to exit one of the caravans.

The price for a caravan in the glamping area is 50 euros for two persons and 70 euros for a family of four. And in the middle of it all, there is an outdoor kitchen where people can come together and cook their food and spend some time. Even if the caravans themselves are “old”, they have all been restored and are absolutely lovely! We will have to be back someday and spend some time glamping!
Camping stover strand glamping area
Glamping at stover strand camping
Glamping at stover strand camping
Glamping at stover strand camping
Glamping at stover strand camping

So much to do at the camping

Do you want to relax on the beach? No problem, here is a beach that you can use. Are you interested in taking a boat ride? No worries, they have boats for rent and you don’t need to be certified or have a license. Located right by the Elbe river, you can feel the peacefulness and the quiet surrounding the area. You can rent bikes, visit the restaurant or go shopping in their own store.

They have a children’s area, a soccer field and a beach volleyball place. Interested in a sauna after a day at the beach, no problem – for five euros you’ll get access to their sauna. So overall, it’s not hard to imagine how easy it would be to spend your days here without even going to Hamburg.
Glamping at stover strand camping
sauna at Stover strand camping
Stover strand beach

Getting to Hamburg from Camping Stover Strand

There are daily buses that will take you to the train station. From there, you go straight to Hamburg. However, on the campsite, the people working there inform that the best thing to do is to take the motorhome to the train station and park it over there. When you are done exploring Hamburg, you get back to the train station and get back to the campsite. And we would agree that this would be the best way.

Since we live in our motorhome permanent and have all of our stuff here, we didn’t feel comfortable leaving it at the train station so we ended up taking the bus. The problem was that we missed the last bus back and had to find a taxi to bring us back from the train station. We found a really great german couple that we shared a taxi with but it would have been a lot easier if we had the motorhome at the train station. It takes about 10 – 15 minutes to walk to the bus stop that takes you to the station.
Hamburg train station

A lot of extra costs at the camping

Ok, so the camping overall is really great and nice and all of that. However, there were a couple of things that we didn’t like as much. When the price for a motorhome and two persons is 23 euros and another 3 euros for electricity, you expect some things to be included in that price. For example the showers and water. That’s not the case here. If you want to take a hot shower, you need to pay for it. I can understand that if the camping is really cheap but in this case, I believe that it should be included.

When we noticed that there was a fee for taking a shower we decided to shower at home. How surprised were we to find out that they charge for filling up on water as well? I believe that all the add ons, when it comes to boat rental, sauna and things like that are ok to charge an extra fee for. However, filling up on water and taking a shower should without a doubt be something that’s included in the price! The same thing is if you need an extension cord to be able to reach the electricity box. That will set you back another five euros = not ok!
Glamping at stover strand camping
Camping Stover Strand office

Information about the Camping Stover Strand

Price per night: Motorhome: 7  €. Per adult: 8 €.
Address: Stover Strand 10, 21423 Drage, Germany.
Phone number: +49 4177430.

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  1. Henrik Olsson - Föreläsningar

    Så läckra husvagnar!! 🙂

    Sv: Främst är det ju om jobbet som ordningsvakt, men sen finns historien om min bror, långpromenaden och downshifting/minimalism.
    Ha det fint och hälsa dom flesta! 🙂 <3

    • Annika & Mini

      Då har jag koll på läget! Vi skulle träffas någon gång och slå våra kloka huvuden ihop 😉


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