Carry on – coolest bags ever?

Jul 25, 2016

Carry on - coolest bags ever?

Over the last few years, the luggage has evolved. Yet the only thing we see while traveling is the same old carry on bags. Why is that we asked ourselves? Here are some of the coolest bags we dug up that you can buy for your next trip.

Modobag – world’s first motorized, rideable luggage.

Modobag - the future of bags?

Modobag – the future of bags?

This is what we have all been waiting for! You do not have to walk to your gate at the airport anymore. Now you can let your carry on drive you straight to the flight. The maximum speed is 12 kilometers per hour. The downside is that you have to keep it to 5 kilometers per hour while inside (no worries the luggage adjusts that for you). While watching the trailer for the bag, we could not help but feel like you will walk straight into a Mario cart game while soaring through the airport.
Where can I buy it:
How Much is the price: 995:- USD
+: You will not have to walk! There are USB ports in the bag so you can charge your stuff anywhere.
-:  It weighs 8 kilograms while empty – that is more than some airlines allow as a carry-on.
Cool factor: Supercool! Everybody at the airport will turn their heads, that is guaranteed!


Robotic Suitcase – your new travel pet?

Is this the new kind of travel pet?

Is this the new kind of travel pet?

Quit logging your luggage around. This luggage will follow you around the airport – all by it self. This could be your new puppy :). This modern bag is also equiped with an safety-alarm so that no one can take it from you. How does this sort of magic work? Bluetooth and a camera gives your bag all the information it needs to follow you.
Where can I buy it:
How Much is the price: 400:- USD
+: Automatically follows you wherever you go. Recharge your battery in manual mode. It also powers your devices.
-: Are we sure we do not want physically contact with our bag? Is the world ready for this?
Coolfactor: Very cool but I can not get over the fact that I am not “holding on” to my valuables while travelling.


Micro Luggage Scooter

It is a kickboard, suitcase and luggage trolley – all in one. Ideal for getting through airports or around town quickly. You can store it in the overhead compartment at all the flights and it takes you from point A to point B faster.
Where can I buy it:
How Much is the price: 300:- USD
+: The scooter is foldable and you can remove the stem.
-: Maximum weight is 95 kilograms to be able to ride this scooter.
Cool factor: This is cool as ice. It is discrete but yet eye-catching. You will get James Bond vibes.


TraxPack Luggage: World’s First Stair Climbing Suitcase

A lot of extra addons to a great bag!

A lot of extra add-ons to a great bag!

Are you tired of draging your luggage up and down the stairs? Here is the solution for you! While we did not know that this was something we needed – indeed it was! This takes the carry on luggage to a new level. And another great feature is the handle that is tilting and not “in one place” as all other competitors.
Where can I buy it:
How Much is the price: 200:- USD
+: The handle and the way you can take this carry on up and down the stairs.
-: A lot of expensive add-ons that you have to pay extra for.
Cool factor: Cool and perfect even for children!


Jurni – The Ultimate sit-on, carry on suitcase

Sit down and relax while waiting for your flight.

Sit down and relax while waiting for your flight.

And even if you can not ride this baby you can sit on it and it makes perfect sense. You can also push forward with your feet making it move while sitting on it. Easy to get to your stuff without having to open the whole bag. A lot of great things, all packed into one carry on.
Where can I buy it:
How Much is the price: 100:- USD
+: This is affordable carry on that does the work.
-: You can only put 25 liters of stuff in the bag. A bit on the small side.
Cool factor: Not the coolest but still some cool points for the sitting part.

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