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Last updated May 29, 2021

Cesar Manrique FoundationCesar Manrique Foundation is an amazing place not only for artists but also visitors. A lot of people that come here mistake this place as Cesar Manrique’s home and that is not true. This is a place that he created for likeminded people and artists. A safe haven of sorts that tourists are allowed to visit. 

Cesar Manrique Foundation

A lot of people come here believing that this was Cesar Manriques house. That this is where he lived before he died. That is not the case. He did live here for 20 years but after that, he moved to Haria and you are also able to go there and visit his house where he was living when he died. And you really should go to his house museum because it is totally different compared to the Cesar Manrique Foundation.

This place is really magical. And I immediately get the urge to sit down and take my computer out and write. Unfortunately, it’s not allowed to sit down in the different sofas and I think that’s the only way because otherwise there would be people in every corner! If you want to know more about Cesar Manrique, you can read this post.
Cesar Manrique Foundation
Cesar Manrique Foundation

Volcanic eruption and architecture in a perfect combination

This place shows the perfect combination of nature and earth (like a lot of Cesar Manrique’s work does). From the outside, it looks like a “regular” house. Once inside you will find a magical world that opens up. Downstairs there are rooms that are made from the natural volcanic bubbles that occurred during the eruption. It is so impressive to see how nature and architecture can work well together.

Today this place is used as an art center and artists are allowed to come here and work or look for inspiration. And I can understand how incredibly inspiring this place must be. I would love to call this place my office! Even the outside of the foundation is incredible. There is artwork everywhere and there is a calm that lies over this place.
Cesar Manrique Foundation
Cesar Manrique FoundationCesar Manrique Foundation

Heaven on earth at the Cesar Manrique Foundation

Oh, the pool that is here 😍. No, you are not allowed to swim here but boy did we both get the urge to break the rules (just for once). The volcanic landscape is beautiful. A lot of people might think that it’s dark, dead and boring but that is not the case. It is amazing and full of light and life. Huge windows show these beautiful planes of volcanic lava that once flowed and killed everything in its way.

I do think that the volcanic bubbles are the most impressive. There are five of them and they are all designed in different colors and each and every one of them is unique. This place is a “must visit” while visiting the island of Lanzarote!
Cesar Manrique Foundation
Cesar Manrique Foundation

Difference between the Foundation and the house in Haria

Like I mentioned before, a lot of people think that the Cesar Manrique Foundation and the Cesar Manrique House Museum are the same things. That is not the case. It is about 25 kilometers between the two places but you can easily visit them both in one day. And we do recommend you to go to both places. The House museum in Haria is a lot cozier and “homy” compared to the Cesar Manrique Foundation.

The foundation is a lot cooler and hip and modern compared to the house. So even if both places were owned by the same man, they are totally different. And they both deserve your attention. And you might also like to visit the LagOmar house while being in Lanzarote.
Cesar Manrique Foundation
Cesar Manrique Foundation
Cesar Manrique Foundation

Information about Cesar Manrique Foundation

Address: Taro de Tahiche – C/ Jorge Luis Borges, 16 35507 Tahiche, Lanzarote.
Opening hours: Daily 10.00 – 18.00.
Entrance fee: 8 euros per adult. You can buy a combination ticket to both the Foundation and the house museum for 15 euros (something we recommend you to do).


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