Chasing Bacchus gnomes in Zielona Gora, Poland

Chasing Bacchus gnomesBacchus gnomes in Zielona Gora is a thing. And they don’t like to be compared to the gnomes of Wroclaw. The amount of Bacchus gnomes shows how much Zielona Gora is into gnomes – and wine. Today there are about 50 gnomes scattered around town and we went hunting for them!

Bacchus gnomes are called Bachusiki

So, Bacchus is the Roman name for Dionysus. Bacchus is the God of the vine, grape harvest, wine-making, wine, fertility, ritual madness, religious ecstasy, and theatre. To be more exact, the Polish Bachusiski are the children of Bacchus. And running around Zielona Gora, finding them all is a really fun thing to do with children.

However, Mini and I enjoyed it just as much (if not more). Now, we were in Poland on a press trip and we were there for the wine festival so we couldn’t find them all. However, we were super lucky because we got to see a lot of them and we also got to see a revealing of a new one!

Different ways to find the Bacchus gnomes

There are several different ways to find the gnomes and we actually ended up trying different ways during our free time in Zielona Gora. Let me inform you that it’s maybe not the best time to be chasing them during the wine festival because a lot of them are hidden behind tents and stalls. So here are some different ways to find these cute rascals around town:

  1. Just walk around town and find them as you walk. This was how we started out because we hadn’t heard about these gnomes before so it took us a while to react to the amount of theme that there were.
  2. Download a map and go searching with your phone. You can download a map where you can see the Bachusiki (not recently updated) here. And you can download a map for where they are here. It’s free and for everyone to use. Hopefully, it will be updated soon because now there are 40 of them.
  3. Buy a map at the tourist office. You can buy it at the tourist office. It’s a cheap map and you can keep it as a souvenir of your huntings. We ended up getting the map because it was the easiest time due to our “lack of time”.

Different ways to find the Bacchus gnomes

Information about Bacchus Gnomes in Zielona Gora

If all else fails – you can use this post for your hunting. Here is a list of some of them with a short (really short) story behind them and with the address of where you can find them. As of now, we haven’t seen them all so the photographs are not complete but we will be back in Zielona Gora and then this list will be completed.

So, what is our (read mine) fascination with finding them? I believe that this is a “me thing”. I get obsessed when I find something I like. First, it was Geocaching. Then it was the Gnomes in Wroclaw. After that the mobile game Pokemon Go was released – I was hooked and it has stayed that way. One of my favorite things is to catch Pokemons. It’s like “gotta catch them all”. When it comes to the Bachusiki, I felt the urge to “find them all”.
I Love Zielona Gora sign

How do they become a part of the city

After some research, it seems like anyone can buy them and place them around town. The first one was placed in 2010, made by Artur Wochniak and since then, they have multiplied. If you have an idea for one and you have enough money for it – there’s a good chance that you can get one placed in the city.

No need to ask how much it costs because there is no such information to be found. But they must be expensive, being in bronze and all. And whether Artur Wochniak makes them all or not is also a tricky question. It’s said that he is the “author” of them all but at the same time there are a few different names out there. Join us for our hunt of the Bacchus gnomes in Zielona Gora – You will love it!

Chasing Bacchus gnomes in Zielona Gora

There are about 50 gnomes scattered around town today. We found a lot of them, but not all. Here is a list of all the once we found. The next time we are in Zielona Gora, we will continue looking for them. It looks like the restoration of them takes forever. For example, the “Cieplolubikus” Bacchus was not there and it was written on the map that he is missing. This must mean that they are gone for long! So here are the once we found…

Pomink Bachusa

The only one of the Bacchus that is not a small gnome but rather a regular-sized statue. We interpret it as him being the father of all the mall gnomes. He is very photographed so be prepared to wait around to be able to snap a picture of him without any other people photobombing your picture.

Address: Kupiecka.
Pomink Bachusa


Sitting outside of a bank, he’s saving his money in a piggy bank. The story is that he went to the bank and wanted to open an account but that the bank denied him. They said that they don’t open accounts for a Bacchus. So what’s the savings for? Well, wine of coarse!

Address: Aleja Niepodległości.

Informatikus Ekonomikus

Sitting on a windowsill, near the town hall, this Bacchus is working on the computer. He makes programs that he sells. If he fails to sell them – it will be the end of Zielona Gora. That’s a legend and it feels kind of dark. However, this gnome is super cute!

Address: Stefana Żeromskiego.
Informatikus Ekonomikus

Skrybikus Mlodszy

This one of the Bacchus gnomes is writing. He is said to be writing a chronicle of the city. Make sure you are nice during your visit so that he doesn’t write something about you. It is said that he sits and notes everything that is happening around him.

Address: Stefana Zeromskiego.
Skrybikus Mlodszy


He is making and fixing the pavement. Of course, there’s a bottle of wine next to him. Sometimes when he’s thirsty, he will take a sip. That’s an awesome thing with all these Bacchus, they all have something to do with wine!

Address: Stefana Zeromskiego.


Oh, how this gnome likes his wine. He stands tall and drinks straight from a jug. And he’s standing on a wine barrel too, so he’s got all the wine he needs. We heard that he got destroyed during a car crash but that he has been restored and is back in his spot.

Address: Kupiecka.


We heard that this is the first gnome that was placed in the city. He is pointing down at an excavation that is covered with glass. The glass was supposed to be so that everyone could enjoy the excavation. For some reason that failed due to the quality of the glass. Today it’s just scratched glass that you can’t see through.

Address: Stary Rynek.

Partnerus Turistikus

Partnerus Turistukus is standing with one foot in Zielona Gora and the other one in Cottbus. He is a tourist but he always comes back here and continues to explore this beautiful city. Of course, he has some wine in his backpack.

Address: Stary Rynek (outside of the tourist office).
Partnerus Turistikus


Just outside of Townhall, this Bacchus is trying to roll a barrel to get it inside the Townhall. It’s said that he wants to store it in the basement. He says that the wine does, not only warm the body but the soul too. So far he has not been able to get the barrel inside the Townhall but who knows, it might happen someday!

Address: Stary Rynek.
a Bacchus gnome called Pedzibeczek


Transportikus is getting ahead on a pair of truck shaped rollerskates. He is transporting a wine barrel and needs to be on time. He is representing a transporting firm called Francepol S.A and he is showing that he can be trusted with every delivery.

Address: On the corner of Pod Filarami street.
a Bacchus gnome called Transportikus


At first, we weren’t sure if this was an actual Bacchus. He looks a bit different and he has a rifle in his lap. At the same time, he’s sitting outside of a hunting store so that explains a lot. As always there’s a wine theme. This time it’s that he’s sitting on a barrel.

Address: Pod Filarami.
a Bacchus gnome called Huberticus


He’s standing and holding up a sign that looks like a coin. On the sign, it says something like “It’s worth to make friends. That’s to help”. He is standing close to a fountain (a not so nice one) and we missed him a couple of times. But once you see him – he’s there!

Address: Aleja Niepodległości.
a Bacchus gnome called Pomagus


Sitting on a bench and drinking wine from a straw. There’s room on the bench to join him and it’s said that if you are nice, he might give you a sip. And it’s also said that he will only give wine to adults and no children. He was one of our favorites!

Address: Pod Topolami.
a Bacchus gnome called Degustikus


Fittingly, this Bacchus gnome is sitting outside of a watch- store, looking at his watch. In the other hand, he’s holding a pitcher with wine. It is said that he starts talking with a human voice at midnight but we did not stay long enough to find out!

Address: Adama Mickiewicza.
a Bacchus gnome called Polporek


Riding on a bus and named after the bus company in Zielona Gora. He is strategically placed where the most important bus stop used to be. He’s riding on top pf the bus instead of being inside it. This, because he finds it more comfortable.

Address: Stary Rynek.
a Bacchus gnomes called MZKus


This Bacchus is a doctor and he’s examining a wine barrel. His verdict is that the barrel is perfectly fine. His location makes him easy to find and he’s on a well-visited street. We really liked this one too and I love the smirk that he has on this face.

Address: Aleja Niepodległości.
a Bacchus gnomes called Aldemedus


This Bacchus looks completely different. Maybe it has to do with the fact that he’s located outside of the theatre. We couldn’t find any more information about this guy’s story but he’s still worth the visit. And he’s holding a glass of wine – because it’s all about the wine.

Address: Aleja Niepodległości.
a Bacchus gnomes called Yorickus


He’s bathing in wine. However, both Mini and I first thought that it was a woman. This Bacchus says that his skin is so delicate that he needs the wine. And another thing is that it’s great to drink too so it’s a win-win situation for him.

Address: Stefana Żeromskiego.
a Bacchus gnomes called Beczkus


This beautiful little guy, playing an instrument is located inside the Filharmonia. It’s really hard to get a picture of him but once you see him, you can still tick him off your list. We were super close to missing this little guy!

Address: Aleja Plac Powstańców Wielkopolskich.

Rodus Ogrodnikus

It is said that this is the reason why Zielona Gora has such a good wine harvest. This Bacchus is working hard, sitting on a pumpkin. Even if no one has seen him work, that’s his claim to fame. His location is where the wall surrounding the city used to be.

Address: Pod Filarami.
a Bacchus gnomes called Rodus Ogrodnikus

Rzepikus Rogalikus

Sitting on top of a bakery this Bacchus can’t decide if he wants the croissant or the wine. It is said that he ends up choosing the croissant in the end. But maybe he has the croissant with wine? His placement is perfect, overlooking the shop and all the people coming into the bakery.

Address: Plac Pocztowy.
a Bacchus gnomes called Rzepikus Rogalikus


Sitting on books but at the same time, he has a computer in his lap. He is trying to be modern but at the same time show how much knowledge he has. This Bacchus looks older than a lot of the others and it was fun to see someone that looked so different.

Address: Licealna.
a Bacchus gnomes called Uzetikus

Belferus Zenepus

This Bacchus gnome is sitting on a wall of a building, pointing at a sign. He is also sitting on a pile of books (like Uzetikus) and this is to show how smart he is. It is important to study and to learn according to this Bacchus.

Address: Generała Władysława Sikorskiego.
a Bacchus gnomes called Belferus Zenepus


Located outside of a bank, this cutie is dragging his piggy-bank. We couldn’t find any information about this Bacchus but if we guess – we would say that he’s trying to buy a bottle of wine (or two). I love the details on this one.

Address: Stary Rynek.
a Bacchus gnomes called Skarboniusz

Syndrownus Domus

This one is pretty new and was revealed in March 2019. It’s hard to find information about him but if my Polish is right, he has something to do with a known band in Poland. Well, at least, they were present at the revealing.

Address: aleja Niepodległości

a Bacchus gnomes called Syndrownus Domus


The latest addition to the Bacchus gnomes in Zielona Gora. We were so lucky because we got invited to the revealing of the Bacchus. He is located at the medical school in Zielona Gora. He really looks awesome and it’s totally worth to go there to see him. Read more about the revealing below here.

Address: Wazow 44.

Magikus Zamiennikus

This one was the only one that looked really bad with a lot of bird poop and other things that made it look pretty bad. However, if someone will show him a little bit of love, he will wake up and become beautiful again!

Address: Aleja Niepodległości 13A.
Magikus Zamiennikus

The revealing of a new Bacchus Gnome

While being in Zielona Gora on a press trip, we had dinner with the manager of Visit Lubuskie, Jadwiga Bloch. And we also got to sit down with the vice mayor of Zielona Gora, Lukasz Porycki. During dinner, we started talking and I told them how much I loved the statues. He invited us the next day to take part in the revealing of a new one.

Said and done. We were on time and super excited. Apparently it’s a big deal because both the radio and TV were there and there were a lot of people there. The coolest thing was when the creator of the gnomes showed up. Artur Wochniak talked a little about his creation and the whole thing was great to be a part of. The revealing was of the Bacchus Medicus.
The revealing of a new Bacchus Gnome

Wine themed gnomes and city

Did you notice that all the gnomes have something to do with wine? Wine glasses, bottles, branches – you name it. There’s also a big statue of Bacchus himself. And when you start looking all over the city, you will find that there’s more than all the Bacchus gnomes. The garbage cans and the lights all have grapevines and grapes.

This shows how strong the connection between wine and Zielona Gora is. Everything is wine-themed and it’s simply awesome! Next time you are in Zielona Gora, make sure to check out the details on benches and lamps and everything around the city. We can’t wait to be back and keep chasing the Bacchus gnomes!
A wine ranked bench in Zielona Gora, Poland
Streetlight that looks like grapes
Grape decorations is all over town

Where to stay in Zielona Gora

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