Chocholowskie Termy – Thermal Baths in Poland

Last updated May 24, 2021

Chocholowskie termy is a great place to visit for the whole family. We spent three hours there and had a great time. During winter when the snow is falling it becomes a magical place.

Chocholowskie Termy – Thermal Baths in Poland

You can come here all year around. We went in december and the snow was falling. Snowflakes big as your hand. The thermal baths are both inside and outside. You also have some cool waterslides, that are  fun for both kids and adults. There are pools that take you outside.

While floating in warm water, looking up at the snowflakes that were hitting my face – I was thinking of how to explain the magical experience. The truth is that I can’t explain it. It was like being in a separate world. We were lucky because it was not crowded during our visit. We have heard that in the summer it is often even a line to get into a jacuzzi. And that means a lot of people because this place is big!

You have several different pools and jacuzzis to choose from. You also have saunas and a SPA if you like. The water temperature varies, depending which pool you enter but they are all warm. Pools that lead you outside and pools that are in somewhat darker rooms. It is a truly tranquil place. Mini and Oscar ran out of the water and rolled around in the snow.

Prices are in 2016 and are subjected to change.

We can truly recommend this place for everyone. Prices are a bit lower if you visit early in the morning or late in the evening. There is a restaurant and you can easily spend a whole day here!

Here is a short video that Mini made of our day there:



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