Cirque Du Soleil – end of an era

Jul 1, 2020

Cirque Du Solei - end of an eraMy heart is literally aching. It feels like something is broke. My all-time favorite show has filed for bankruptcy and I can’t get over it. Sitting in wonderful Dalarna with lots of happy articles to write about the places we visited and all I can write right now is about a sad thing – a heartbreaking thing.

Cirque Du Soleil – best artists ever

It’s well known that if you are an artist of high rank – Cirque Du Soleil is your goal. And when you are accepted to be a part of their family, you are on top. The top of the ladder and at the highest point of your carrier. And it’s easy to understand. Everyone that has ever seen one of their shows knows what I’m talking about.

Now they have filed for bankruptcy. Covid-19 is showing it’s ugly face yet again. Almost 3 500 artists are losing their jobs. The world is deprived of amazing shows and 30+ years of high-end acrobatics is over. Yes, I got teary-eyed when I got the bad news. We have seen 13 of their shows. We got tickets for the 14:th show. If they don’t start again after this pandemic is over – the world will be missing out.

Cirque Du Solei - end of an era

La Nouba – where we got addicted

We saw our first show at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The year was 2006 I think and it was the resident show called La Nouba. We had no idea what to expect. We had never heard of Cirque Du Soleil and we went there without any expectations. When the show was over, we were sold. So sold in fact that the following years we ended up crossing three countries in one day just to see their show (when they were in Hamburg).

We booked a trip to Las Vegas because they had six residents shows there. We got to see five of them (Chris Angel – Believe was not showing at the time of our stay). And then we kept following them and going to shows as soon as we had the chance. We didn’t complain about high ticket prices, we paid because we knew that the experience would be more than mind-blowing.

Cirque Du Solei - end of an era

Cirque Du Soleil “Corteo” got cancelled

In September, we were supposed to see their show Corteo in Copenhagen. When you travel for a living it’s hard to plan ahead and we seldom make plans that far in advance. However, when it comes to Cirque Du Soleil, we did! And then the show got postponed until February. Damn, we were not expecting to be in Scandinavia then but we would have to make it work.

No, we didn’t know where we would be in February but we knew that Scandinavia is too cold. We always leave during wintertime. But we agreed that we would have to be back in February, at least a couple of days so that we could see the show. Now there won’t be a show and I don’t want to accept that. Sure, a lot of companies are struggling right now. A lot of people are being laid off and the whole world is upside down.

Cirque Du Solei - end of an era

Feeling sad right now

I know that there are worse things in the world that happened. Is this really such a big thing? Well, for me it is and I am entitled to my feelings. Cirque Du Soleil is somewhat of an religion of mine and I don’t want to accept the fact that they are “no more”. We are lucky enough that we got to see so many of their shows. But we also wanted to see more of them. Not being able to put up shows in three months will kill a company and I am impressed that they made it this far.

At the same time, I need them to make a comeback as soon as this is over. This can’t be the end. There must be a way back after the pandemic is over?! “People are dying in Africa” you might say. And you are right – like I said – worse things have happened (and are happening as I’m writing this). But I can’t help that I’m sad. Sad and upset that the world is loosing such an amazing company. Sad but also hopeful for the future.
Cirque Du Solei - end of an era

Hopeful for the future

Mini has not taken the news the way I did. Sure, he cares but at the same time, he’s pretty sure that they will be back – even stronger and better. He thinks that it’s a temporary closedown and that they will come back. Maybe it will not be called Cirque Du Soleil but it will be just as awesome. I have decided to belive him and trust in that. They are too good to call it quits. As soon as this blows over I’m sure that there are people standing in line, ready to help them to start up again. And I’m one of them, that’s for sure.

Our last show was Paramour in Hamburg. It was awesome and we wrote an article about it. I had planned on writing about all the shows that we have seen and that’s still my plan. However, I will write that post the day that they are back! Like a celebration on what was and what’s to come! Cirque Du Soleil is in our hearts forever!


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