Cirque Du Soleil Paramour – The one and only Musical

Cirque Du Soleil ParamourCirque Du Soleil Paramour is the one and only musical that the geniuses behind Cirque Du Soleil have done. We are both huge fans of Cirque Du Soleil and when I heard that they are resident in Hamburg with a show – we had to go there! It was our 12th show seeing them and the first musical. Sure, it was in German but who cares?! When it’s Cirque Du Soleil we are there!

Cirque Du Soleil Paramour

Sure, the tickets are expensive (about 150 euros per person if you want a great seat) but it’s worth every penny. When it comes to Cirque Du Soleil, you want the best seats in the house. If you want cheap the tickets can be about 70 euros but then you will be seated in the back. We got the best seats and got to experience a fantastic show. Like most of their shows, photographs and video are not allowed so this post won’t be with pictures from the show.

At first, when Mini heard that the show is in German, he was hesitant. And I would have been too if it was anything other than my lovely Cirque Du Soleil. It took me a couple of hours to get him to change his mind and after that, we bought the tickets. And apparently, all of the musicals and theatres in Hamburg are in German.
Cirque Du Soleil Paramour

A musical in German

Hamburg is the third-largest musical city, after New York and London. And all of the musicals are played in German as I mentioned above. However, there is a fun fact about that. During our stay in Hamburg, we got to hear several times (from the Germans) that even if the musicals are in German, the Germans often don’t understand the lyrics. How funny is that?! Well, the thing is that since Hamburg is so famous for its Musicals – the people that are playing in the different musicals are from all over the world.

A lot of the actors don’t even speak German. But they are actors so they learn their lines. For us (that don’t speak German) it sounds like German but for a native, there’s a huge difference. And this is something that we heard several times and not just once. Apparently, the Germans sometimes get pretty upset when the lines are “just to bad”. And after doing some searching online – it turns out that the leading roles for Cirque Du Soleils Paramour, aren’t German either! In fact – the guy playing Joey is a Swedish guy named Anton Zetterholm.
Cirque Du Soleil Paramour

Paramour is a masterpiece

So, we are not 100 percent sure that we got the context of the musical right but we believe that we did. The show is about old Hollywood and about making it big. A poor guy is in love with a girl but the girl wants to be with the rich producer. Truth be told – the synopsis is not important to us – we just love Cirque Du Soleil and that’s it. The musical was really world-class.

Imagine a guy. He is cycling on a unicycle. He has a girl on his head. The girl is doing a handstand – WITH ONE HAND! Yes, that’s true and that’s Cirque Du Soleil for you. Everything is super synchronized and just amazing. The love triangle is music combined with acrobatics and you don’t want the show to end! If you are in Hamburg – you really need to check out the musical Cirque Du Soleil Paramour.

Information about Cirque Du Soleil Paramour

Address: Stage Theatre Neue Flora. Stresemannstrasse 163, Hamburg.
Buy your tickets here.


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