Cleaning out the house today

Oct 15, 2016

Cleaning out the house today

Today is cleaning out the house day. If we are going to be able to move out in the beginning of december we need to get moving. And I am not making things easier by planning a lot of fun things at the same time. 

Cleaning and emptying Paradisvägen

The whole house needs to be emptied out and all our furniture sold. It is chaos right now but in a good way. We are so excited to start our new life – traveling for a living. The main issue we have right now is that our RV is not prepared for winter. If we spend a winter in it, we do not have any water or heating in it = cold as crazy!

Traveling for a living… how great does that sound? We are aware that it will be hard to make it work but at the same time – we are ready to work hard for it. I have also signed us up for three events that we are excited about. The only problem is that two of them are in Stockholm (600 km from Åhus) and they are all before the move.

My biggest concern is that we will not be able to sell all of our stuff. Sure whatever is left can be donated but at the same time we need every penny we can get now! Every penny will help us on the way to create our new life.

So on todays schedule… cleaning out the house like crazy!


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