Climbing and planning in Åhus

Aug 20, 2016

Upzone adventure park Åhus

Today we are going to continue to explore Åhus by joining Upzone for a climb. Super excited! 

Upzone Åhus, climbing – and then selling our stuff!

Today we are going on another tourist attraction in our hometown. We are going to climb at the upzone in Åhus and we are super excited. I am currently working on an article for Allt om Resor about our beautiful hometown and we are exploring like crazy.

Upzone adventure park Åhus

Upzone adventure park Åhus

I think that one of the things that is my strong suite when it comes to travel wring is… That I only want to write about things that I have done myself. I do not want to recommend something that I can not vouch for. And I love to explore and to do all the things this world has to offer. While working in Stockholm I got to think a lot. I (we) have found our call – to travel for a living. Now the work really starts. Now we have to make it a reality.

And while scared and worried we are super excited! Today climbing – tomorrow – selling our stuff. Getting ready for the rest of our life! I will make the time to write all our thoughts down – once and for all. This will be an adventure. And we love to meet new people and learn new stuff. It is time to do that full time! Paradisvägen will be rented out full time. I am more than ready to let someone else into our house and take care of it. It is a nice house. Still it has always been a house and not a home. Home is where my Mulberry bag is 🙂

Upzone adventure park Åhus

Upzone adventure park Åhus

Upzone adventure park Åhus zipline

Upzone adventure park Åhus zipline

Is this post a bit confusing? So is our heads right now. When will we leave? Where are we going? How will life on the road be? A lot of questions and no answers… Yet! But first… climbing in Åhus!

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  1. Gurkiss

    Hej 🙂

    Gu vad tuffa ni är.
    Jag är sååå höjdrädd så jag hade aldrig vågat.

    Lycka till med ert nya liv.
    Jag hoppas att allt kommer gå bra.

    Kram Gurkiss

  2. Mariann Lifwergren

    Huuuu… för högt!
    Puss på er, njut av dagen!
    Psst…får ta en fika nå dag!
    Kram Maya

  3. Sara

    visste inte det fanns sånt i Åhus? =)

  4. Sara

    Det där ser riktigt roligt ut, även om jag är höjdrädd 😉


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