Company in order

Oct 17, 2016

Getting a company in order

Did you know that we are starting a company? Well now you do! Mini is currently applying and soon we will have our own business. It will make our lives a lot easier because we will be able to write the invoices our selves.

Bring bling to Traveling – company

Our company will offer journalistic content and photography. We will both work as freelancers and now we will be able to do it like it should be done. My sister has been very helpful so far when it comes to making invoices but it will feel great to do it on our own.

My head is about to explode with all the chaos going on right now. I need to slow down and take it easy but at the same time – there is no time! I have articles I need to write and finish and even a job for a video that needs to be done.

But as long as we have something to do – life is great! And in the future when we have sorted everything out with the house we are ready to have a company! Right now it feels like the house is the one thing holding us back. No not the house but all the stuff we still need to get rid of!


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