Connect Passion event in Malmö, Sweden

Apr 29, 2017

Connect Passion 2017
Thursday was a great day. I was invited to the Connect Passion event in Malmö. I was asked to speak and talk about how I work with technology and how we made it to connect passion with our life. WORCATION full time! I was so honored and what amazing people I met during the event!

Connect Passion with Drivhuset Malmö

The day was amazing and I am so happy to have met such amazing people! Everyone was super nice and we all exchanged experiences. The mix of people was great. Musicians, you tubers, gamers, bloggers and loads of interesting people. We took part in workshops and got great food, great advice and great entertainment. And when it was time for me to speak – everyone was listening and they seemed interested. It was such a special feeling. The organizers had faith in me and thought that I had something important to share with the visitors.

The event was organized for women to follow their passion and their choice of technical education. I never reflected on the fact that I’m working in a technical fashion – but I am. Blogging, writing, editing, filming and being on social media – all of it is connected to technical education.


Inspirational speakers and great ideas

We got the most amazing notebook. I was so in love with it that I kept it without writing in it. Another notebook was used and I wrote down my visions and dreams there. I will use the notebook we got but I will use it together with Mini and plan our future in it. Even if this was an event for women, there were a few men there. And it was great to talk to them and to hear their experiences. So what did I learn about myself during the event?

The most important thing was that I am living my dream. The only thing is that I would love to get more work – that people would throw work at me and that I did not have to chase work – but that’s in a perfect world. And who knows what the future holds?!

Cotton candy, popcorn and amazing international food

I ate the most amazing lunch with foods from all over the world. Spinach dumplings and feta cheese rolls, hummus and the best spiced rice ever! And after the lunch, we got popcorn and cotton candy that was made there on the spot! The event was organized in a great and inspirational way and I am honored that they invited me!
Connect passion 2017

I will finish this post with a video that we made. A video that I showed during my speech and that shows what “Worcation” looks like!

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  1. Travelsis_

    Så spännande! Det hade varit kul att se det live!


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