Dear Diary – The Circus came to town

Jul 4, 2017

The circus in Bromolla
My work does not take up all of our free time. We have found a great spot in town where we often sleep. There is camping forbidden but we are not camping there – we are only parking! And when you are out free camping you have to be prepared… like for a circus to come!

Interesting interview with a transsexual

So this is the truth. During the evening I was telling Mini all about an interview that I have made during the day. I got the honor of meeting the greatest guy ever. Even though he’s only 16 years of age, he was wise well beyond his years. I felt a real connection with this guy and I wish him all the best. The interview was published on Saturday in the newspaper and that is one job that I am proud of!

So while telling Mini all about my interview and letting him know that I wished that I had more than one page. We heard a truck backing up. And the first thing that we saw after looking out the window *drumroll* a camel. Yes, the animal!

The circus in Bromolla

Free camping with a circus

We found out that the circus was about to perform the next day so they were there setting up. I could not stop laughing and telling Mini how unpredictable life can be when you live permanently in a motor home. Who knew that we would be spending our night with the circus as our closest neighbors?!

The circus in Bromolla
What I did notice and what I feel that I would like to inform our readers about is how they offloaded the trucks. I’m not too fond of circuses that use live animals in their shows. I love, love, love Cirque Du Soleil but that’s another story. However, in this case, the first thing that happened was that they built paddocks for the animals and let them out. It took them about 15 minutes and then they started to offload the animals. I think it’s great that they put their focus on the animals first.

So we got to fall asleep to the sound of horses neighing and a tent that was being set up! That’s life on the road for you!

The circus in Bromolla


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