Dear Diary – I ate a famous face at work

Jun 29, 2017

Life as a local editor and reporter continues in a small town. And my workweek is going great. And apparently the bosses in Kristianstad decided to treat all the new editors with a Swedish “fika” (eating cake and drinking coffee). I decided to stay at my local newspaper. That ended in me and my coworker eating a famous face. Yes, that is the truth!

Doing a photo job where photography is not allowed?!

Before I get to the face story I want to write about one other thing that happened at work. I was sent to a school (they invited me to come) to do some interviews and talk to the students. This was supposed to be a “photo-job” in the paper. That means that I get a photographer that comes with me and takes some awesome pictures. No unfortunately it’s not Mini that is the photographer. Ok so I get to the school before the photographer and start talking to the students. Everything is fine and well and I get some great quotes.

When I’m finished I have to wait for the photographer and just to make sure, I ask the teacher if it’s ok for the photographer to take photos. Well it turns out that it’s not. The parents have to give their permission and that has not been asked for. Sure I respect if someone doesn’t want their child in the magazine however we have been invited to do a job! And the “kids” are 14 years and older. Oh well, we got some other pictures instead so panic situation reversed!

Eating a face

Ok so my coworker and I decided to go and buy some “fika” and eat at the office instead. It turns out that there is a pastry that is made with the face of Bromöllas most famous person, Sanna Nielsen. She is a singer and a songwriter and a tv-personality. Every time she is going to be on tv or perform somewhere the bakery (Böckmans) make a pastry with her face on it.

Sanna has decided on the flavors her self and I believe that it was raspberry mousse and chocolate cream. The cake stays the same but they switch the picture out. And she was good! Well another day at work is done and it was a good day!


Sanna Nielsen pastry with raspberry and chocolate mousse.



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