Dear Diary: It’s hard being alone as an editor and reporter

Jul 28, 2017

Friday as a reporter
Yet another week is coming to its end. Some days I am alone at the office and there is a huge difference being alone compared to when we are two. But I’m still making my layouts for the magazine. I am keeping afloat!

Alone at the office

When I’m alone I have no one to talk to about what is newsworthy and what’s not. I have to make those decisions myself and I am doing my best. There is really nothing happening in Bromölla right now. I am making different kinds of editorials and that is the easy part.

The difficult part is to find the news. And then to find the people that I want to talk to about the news. It feels like everyone checked out and went on vacation. And a lot of them did! However, at the same time, I am having a great time. I can’t believe that I get paid every day to do what I love.

Local editor at newspaper

I did an editorial on a great “survivor company”. They rent you canoes and tents and off you go. After a night (or more) you come back. During your canoeing trip, you have a lot of small islands all to yourself to visit. You will make a fire and just explore. I interviewed a family that had been out for two nights. They came from Scotland and were super happy with the experience.

Friday being a news reporter

Mini and I have to do that! I need to find a free weekend and then we can get out and play ourselves. I think that makes for a great article and I want more people to know about it! There’s always something coming up during the weekends that keep us from being tourists. But at the same time, we are living like tourists every day. Mini is quite often out fishing while I’m at work.


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