Dear Diary – Please be careful while touristing

Jul 13, 2017

Think safety careful
Just when I was about to write a post on what we have been up to this week, I saw the video on Youtube from the terrible death accident where an Australian man lost his life parasailing. There are so many wrongs with that clip that I can’t concentrate on writing about anything else. So today’s post is about being careful while traveling. 

Man died while parasailing in Kata Beach, Thailand

Roger John Hussey, a 71-year-old man from Australia was a tourist with his wife in Thailand. What was suppose to be a great day at the beach ended in tragedy. While parasailing something went wrong and the man plunged to his death. This is not the first death accident for tourists while parasailing but I sure hope that it’s the last.

The video shows how the man falls and hits the water. Watch it with extreme caution…

There are so many wrongs with this movie that I am lost for words. Here are some of the things I have noticed:

  • The people that are left on the beach seem to notice that something is wrong. But it’s to late to stop the tragedy by then.
  • How the HELL can the wife continue to film the accident without reacting??? Even the people at the beach get horrified but the wife just continues to video.
  • The wife is not running after the people to try to rescue her husband! Shock or what’s going on?!

Instead of looking at the company of why the accident happened – maybe take a look at the wife?

Be careful while traveling

I am way to trustworthy – almost to the point where I get naive. Mini however, keeps me safe. He will stop me from doing attractions that he finds not safe. For example, I wanted to go whitewater rafting in Peru and the rapids were terrible. Mini said that we were not going on a rafting trip and I tried to convince him that it was safe because otherwise they would’ve cancelled the trips. So in the end we didn’t book a tour and I was not happy about that… Until the next day – when we found out that 8 tourists have died the day before while rafting.

The thing is that our guide was blaming the tourists for not realizing that the water was to dangerous. I blame the guides for not canceling the tour. How are you as a tourist suppose to know whats to dangerous and whats not unless someone with experience tells you? Apparently you need to use your judgement!

Please be safe while touristing!!!!


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