Dear Diary – The Swedish summer is not treating us nice

Jul 20, 2017

Swedish summer
Summer is halfway gone and there has been a lot of rain, wind, and sun and then rain again. People call it a Swedish summer but it is difficult with our tourist minds. A lot of the places we want to visit during the weekends are outside so we want sunshine and warm weather.

Swedish summer

I once heard a woman say that it was good that the weather was crappy because otherwise, we wouldn’t have anything to talk about. There is something in that saying. Talking about the weather is a perfect icebreaker. But it sometimes also ruins peoples plans – like our plans that we have about tourist outdoors.

Swedish summer

We want to walk parts of Skåneleden, a trail that is long and stretches over Skåne in southern Sweden. Sure we can walk in the rain because we are not made out of sugar. However, the pictures will not be perfect for the travel magazines if it’s raining while we are tourists.

Touristing in Skåne

This is probably because I was writing about the weather that it changed today and became great. But it has been changing way to fast. From warm to cold to sunny to windy and it’s making it harder for us to plan our weekends. We have a lot that we want to do so let’s hope that the sun is here to stay.

Swedish summer

Our Motorhome on a parking at Levrasjön, Bromölla, Sweden

Work is going great! I’m meeting so many interesting people. Yesterday I interviewed a Scottish family that had been living on a deserted island for two nights. That made me realize that Mini and I need to ad that to our list of stuff to do in Skåne during the summer.

Weekend in Malmö?

This weekend we might spend in Malmö. My bag is ready to return to me. I left it on a warranty issue more than 5 months ago. Yes, that is true but that’s for another post where I will share that story with you. So if I can convince my husband that we need to go to Malmö this weekend I believe that we will stay there until Sunday.

Swedish Summer Oresundsbron

The Öresunds bridge from the Swedish side.

There is a lot of touristy stuff to do in Malmö so keep your fingers crossed that he agrees!


  1. Familyearthtrek

    Thinking of Aftonbladet where you can find the head news “The summer heat is coming” and then two days later “Warning for rain and storm” haha. I am looking forward for a swedish summer next year…but still not!

    • mini

      Yeah the Swedish summer is kind of unpredictable, but when the summer hits Sweden it is probably one of the most beautiful places I know.


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