Dear Diary – working 12 days in a row without worcation

Jul 8, 2017

Working hard
So I survived. 12 days of working full time. Yes, it was tough but also a lot of fun. I have been to a factory where they make paper on a tour and I have been at a flea market that turned out not to be a flea market. I have been writing like crazy and we have been spending time in our motorhome with the rain pouring down outside. 

Worcation is hard right now

Sometimes – when it’s a little harder than usual, I can’t help but think that we could’ve been in Poland orPortugal. But at the same time, we are happy working at the local newspaper. It turns out that I might be there alone for some time too. I’m not sure yet but it seems like that might be the case. Well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it!

Working hard Worcation

I’m rumbling on but we are good. Life is good even if Mini thinks that I’m messy and that the motorhome (Nelson) is not as nice and neat as he would like. I have promised him to get better so ask me again in a couple of months and hopefully, I have become better on being neat!

Eating Swedish sandwich cake (Smörgåstårta)

This weekend also included time with our friends and eating sandwich cake. Yes, that’s a Swedish thing and I don’t think you can find it anywhere else. It does not sound that good but trust me it’s amazing! There are endless variations and the one we ate this weekend was with shrimps!
Working hard Worcation

And I also got Mini to take me to a restaurant in Kristianstad. They have opened a Taco Bar and that’s without a doubt both of our favorite food! So we checked the place out and it was good! But in all honesty… our own tacos are so much better!!! But living like we do – we don’t often fry our food in here! So, now you know what’s going on in our lives 🙂 What is going on in yours?

Working hard Worcation


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