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There is something for everyone in Europe. And you can travel around here in all kinds of different ways. Explore countries, cities, food and cultures that switches as you move from country to country. Whether you are planning to stay in one European country or changing destinations – bucket list experiences in Europe is here for you to explore.

With almost 50 different countries to travel, you will never feel that you have seen everything this continent has to offer. Our best tip is to travel slowly and stay longer time in one place.

Read our articles about the different European countries and get inspired by all the things to do in Europe. 

Best time to visit Europe

Europe is a great all-year round destination. However, peak season happens during summer (from May to September). This is when the continent gets more crowded and people from all over the world flock to come here for the best time to visit Europe. 

During the winter-months, November to February, Europe gets pretty cold and that’s when a lot of the ski-tourism starts in some parts. And then we have all the Christmas markets that pop up in most countries and that are worth a visit. One special Christmas market is the one that happens in Lubeck each year.

Travel guide to Europe

Being so diverse, Europe has something to offer to each traveler. If you are looking for northern lights, you want to visit northern Europe and Scandinavia. Make sure to visit during the winter if the Northern lights is your thing. The Scandinavian countries are more expensive than for example the countries in eastern Europe. Sweden, Norway and Denmark are really nice countries that have a lot to offer.

If you are on a budget – eastern Europe is a great way to start exploring this continent. Here you have countries like Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Russia. There is a lot of things to explore here and best of all – the restaurants and bars are pretty cheap compared to the rest of Europe.

Head to southern Europe and visit countries like Portugal, Spain, Italy, Croatia and Greece if you want to have warmer climate and swim in warmer waters. Southern Europe is a huge tourist destination for Europeans too so during summer it gets really crowded. This is also the place to be if you want to visit places that are ancient and have a rich history.

Visit western Europe for France, Germany, Austria and other gems inside Europe. This is the place to be if you are looking for the Eiffel Tower and the Alps. Western Europe is cheaper than the northern parts and have a great infrastructure that makes traveling easy.




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Top 10 things to do in Europe

Loose your senses in Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg has a lot to offer. One of the most popular attractions is the Miniatur Wunderland where you can see the world in XXS. However, a lesser-known attraction but one that is oh so great is Dialoghaus. Here you get to see what life would be if you were blind or deaf. You can also learn what to expect when you get old. A great attraction that is very important!

Visit a Wine festival in Zielona Gora, Poland

Zielona Gora is known for its wine. In September each year, the whole city turns into a wine festival for several days. Try out wines from different vineyards just by walking around in the city center. If you are traveling with children, a great idea is to go searching for small Bacchus gnomes that are scattered around the city center.

Top 3 things to do when traveling

Dive Museo Atlantico in Lanzarote

A real live sculpture park on the bottom of the ocean. Dive Museo Atlantico and follow the story of how we (humanity) are destroying the world and how detached we all are. During the briefing, you will get the full story about the sculptures that are placed here. At this dive site, the fish is not the main attraction. It’s a super special and unique dive.

Top 4 things to do when traveling

Visit Aarhus in Denmark and eat your way through the city

There’s more than food in Aarhus but the city is known for its amazing restaurants and cafés. Start your day by visiting Great Coffee for some great coffee! Søren Stiller Markussen is an award-winning barista that makes coffee a unique experience. Visit the Guide Michelin restaurant Substans for dinner and spend time exploring Aarhus.

Top 5 things to do when traveling

Feel like a princess or prince at the Pena Palace in Portugal

It has been said that Walt Disney used the Pena Palace as inspiration for his fairytale castles and it’s easy to understand why that could be true. Pena Palace is incredible and almost unreal! While visiting Sintra in Portugal, you might also want to visit the Castle of the Moors that’s located within walking distance of the Pena Palace.

Top 6 things to do when traveling

Eat in nature in Kloster, Sweden

In Dalarna, there’s a place where you can arrange dinner in nature. You get a basket with well-prepared food. As you walk to the fireplace, you are welcome to scavenge for salad, leaves, and edible berries. Prepare the grill and boil your potatoes by bringing water from the stream below. A unique and incredible memory will be made!

Top 7 things to do when traveling

Discover the whistling language “Silbo” in La Gomera

It’s not really a language because you can whistle in any language. However, it’s a way to communicate on the island where different villages are separated by gorges. The whistling language is taught in school and an important heritage for the island. Make sure to learn more about it while visiting La Gomera.

Top 8 things to do when traveling

Learn how to make croissants in Poznan, Poland

Rogale Świętomarcińskie is their real name and they are protected within the EU. The protection says that you are only allowed to make croissants in the Poznan region. And there’s a whole museum dedicated to the Croissant. When you visit the museum, you don’t only get to try the croissants, you will be making them too!

Top 9 things to do when traveling

Take a boat tour around Lubeck, Germany

Lubeck is a beautiful city that needs to be explored. Since the city center is not that big, you can easily walk around everywhere. There’s a lot to explore and attractions to visit. For example, the Hansamuseum is super interesting. And make sure to take a boat tour around the city for a romantic trip!

Top 10 things to do when traveling

Stroll around at Plaza de Espana, Sevilla

Spain has so many interesting places and Sevilla is one town that you just can’t get enough of. One of the most visited places in Sevilla is Plaza de Espana. This is where the locals and tourists come together and just enjoy life. Sit down and do some people-watching while being here and make sure to bring some snacks.

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Bucket list experiences in Europe

There are a lot of things to do in Europe that are worth visiting and, have a granted place on traveler’s bucket list experiences in Europe. Here are some of our favorite things that we want to highlight in Europe at the moment. So, if you are looking for the best of Europe, then this is it… you are at the right place.

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