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About Poland

Poland is known for its diversity. You have nice beaches, forests, mountains and cities with a rich history. Visit the towns – Gdansk, Gdynia, and Sopot (called the Tricity) in the northern parts of the country. Check out their famous spa or just stroll around and enjoy the vibe of the different cities. Make sure to eat some amazing polish cheese! 

Poland is well-known for its vodka and beer. Visit a brewery and take a tour of a beer manufacturer. Go to the vine-capital in Zielona Gora and try to find all the statues of the Baccus gnomes that are scattered around the city. Learn more about WWII by visiting the underground city Osowka. Poland offers history, culture and culinary delights all year round!

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Best time to visit Poland

Best time to visit Poland? You can go all year round to Poland. During the winter you can go skiing in the mountains in the southern parts of the country. During the summer, you can go to the same destination and hike the mountains. The high peak season is during the summer (from May to September). If you want to save some money, the shoulder seasons of March, April, and October are a great option. The days are sunny but a bit cooler than in the summer. However, the prices of accommodation are a bit cheaper and the country is still bustling with life. In Poland, you’ll never be alone – no matter when you go!

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What to Expect from Poland

Currency travel guide


The official language in Poland is Polish. A lot of the polish people speak German too since they teach that in school. However, you will be fine by speaking English, especially in all the bigger cities and among younger people.



The currency in Poland is the Polish zloty.

1 USD is about 3,70 PLN
1 Euro is about 4,50 PLN

What to but travel guide

What to buy in Poland

Poland is famous for its Bison grass vodka and it’s a great souvenir to buy while visiting the country. Also, amber is a big thing in the northern parts of the country. And probably Poland is most famous for its wooden handicrafts.

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Other information about Poland

The name Polska (Poland) originates from the tribe “Polanie” meaning “people living in open fields”. There are 16 different UNESCO world heritage sites, one of them being one of the largest brick castles in the world. Notice that polish tv is still dubbed – by one man!








Zielona Gora

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