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We believe that Dalarna might be the most Swedish part of Sweden. Here, you’ll find all the things that are typical Swedish. For example, this is the place where the Dala Horse came to life. The midsummer parties are like nowhere else and all the cities and villages have something unique to offer its visitors. There are loads of bucket list experiences in Dalarna!

After spending a month and a half, driving around in Dalarna – we have found the hidden gems, the highlights and the things to do in Dalarna you don’t want to miss out on. And so, if you are looking for the best of Dalarna, you are at the right place.

Top 10 things to do in Dalarna

Top 1 things to do when traveling

See Sweden’s highest waterfall

Njupeskär is the name of Sweden’s highest waterfall. About 93 meters high and one of the main attractions inside Fulufjällets National Park. In the national park, you have several different trails that make for some great hiking. Make sure to check out the world’s oldest tree “Old Tjikko” inside the park too.

Top 2 things to do when traveling

Take a walk with reindeers

At Renbiten, there are several different attractions that you can do as you interact with reindeers. One of them is getting to feed them and another one is to take them out for a walk. Walking with reindeers is relaxing and soothing. You will stop half-way and have some coffee and snacks. An amazing experience!

Top 3 things to do when traveling

Try Glamping – A high-end experience

One tent. One place and one special adventure. Park your car and walk into the middle of nowhere. Get ready to explore some real silence and pamper yourself. Take a walk to the lake and take a dip. Glamping in Dalarna is the new black and no one does it as good as Camilla Linnér, the owner of this place. Dinner and breakfast is included.

Top 4 things to do when traveling

Experience a mustard tasting

Forget about wine- or cheese tastings. Mustard is the way to go. Mustard tasting at LissEllas is something that will stay with you forever. It’s interesting to see how many different mustards there are. Who knew that there’s a chocolate-mustard? Or what about a mustard with blueberries? Best of all is that they all taste great!

Top 5 things to do when traveling

The home of the Swedish Dala horse

The Dala horse might be the most Swedish thing ever. Just outside of Mora, you can see how the horses are made. Follow the whole process and be amazed by the painters that give the Dala horses their beautiful patterns. If you want, you can buy unpainted horses to bring home and paint as you like!

Top 6 things to do when traveling

Hike in Grövelsjön

In the northern parts of Dalarna you will find Grövelsjön. This is where you want to be if you are up for hiking. There are several paths that you can hike, and they are for different levels of hikers. If you are up for it, a hike to Sylen is incredible. It takes you from Sweden, into Norway, and then back into Sweden. Don’t miss this one!

Top 7 things to do when traveling

Verket & Avesta Art

A must visit while in Dalarna. Verket is an old steel factory that has turned into an interactive museum and art gallery. Avesta Art changes each year and new exhibitions are replacing the old once. However, some of the exhibitions are permanent and you can admire them each year. Verket & Avesta Art is fun for the whole family.

Top 8 things to do when traveling

Kulinariet – A food market and restaurant

Located somewhat in the middle of nowhere, Kulinariet opens a new world as you enter. Come inside an enjoy incredible food and drinks. Watch the popular Swedish crispbread being made and shop delicacies in their store. Everything inside Kulinaret is right on point – from the food to the interior design.

Top 9 things to do when traveling

Visit a traditional Swedish Fäbod

A Fäbod is like a small chalet or a small farm. Fäbodar is very special in Dalarna and there are several different ones that you can visit during the summer. Karl-Tövåsens Fäbod is the longest-running chalet in the country and to this day, they do almost everything at the farm as they did during the old days. See the animals and the churning of butter. 

Top 10 things to do when traveling

Learn all about porphyry and the “Elvis” guitars

Start your visit by seeing the old workshop where porphyry was made into vases, boxes and other knickknacks. This is interesting and fun (who knew that stone can be fun?!). Make your way to the museum and see more artifacts made of porphyry and admire a huge collection of the famous Hagström guitars that Elvis made famous.

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