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About Sweden

IKEA, Absolut Vodka, Zlatan and the Nobel Prize. Sweden has a lot to brag about. With 30 national parks and about 63 percent of the country being forest – this is a great tourist destination. The country changes as you travel from the south to the north. The country has lots of traditions like Midsummer party and the famous Swedish fika. There are a lot of exciting things to do in Sweden!

Visit the capital, Stockholm for getting the hustle and bustle or go way up north for peace and quiet. Enjoy nice restaurants and some unique places to stay. Enjoy the freedom to be able to roam the country during all of its seasons. Because Sweden changes within the seasons and each period has something to offer.

Polaroid Sweden

Best time to visit Sweden

Best time to visit Sweden? All year around. The Peak season is during the summer (from May to September). This is when the weather gets warmer and when you can take a swim in the ocean without freezing your but off. Knowing that, you might also know that the swedes are swimming in the oceans and lakes all year round.

During the winter months (November to February), Sweden transforms into a snowy place if you visit the northern parts of the country. If you stay in the south, you might make it a whole winter without seeing much of snow. Sweden is famous for ski resorts and a lot of the resort make their own snow if there isn’t any coming from the skies.

What to Expect from Sweden

Currency travel guide


The official language in Sweden is Swedish. In the northern parts of the country, a lot of people also speak Finnish. However, most Swedish people speak English so there’s no problem with the communication.



The currency in Sweden is the Swedish krona.

  • 1 USD is about 8,70 SEK
  • 1 Euro is about 10,20 SEK
What to but travel guide

What to buy in Sweden

The famous Dala Horse, crispbread or handmade and painted clogs. Wooly and cozy sweaters and the Swedish licorice – which most foreigners don’t like due to its salty flavor.

Good to know travel

Other information about Sweden

Sweden might become the first country in the world to become totally cashless. A lot of the restaurants and shops will not take cash and not all the stores will accept American Express. Make sure to bring an international card like Visa or Mastercard and you will be fine.





Top 10 things to do in Sweden

Top 1 things to do when traveling

Try some disgusting food

Try some disgusting food This might be one of the best museums in Sweden – if not in Europe. At the Disgusting Food Museum, your entrance ticket is a barf bag. Walk around among 80 different foods and treats from all over the world. This is an eye-opening experience that will make you think twice before you judge other people’s food.

Top 2 things to do when traveling

Sleep in a bubble

A super unique hotel where you get to sleep in a bubble – literary. The bubble is located right by the beach but at the same time, it’s secluded so you have this place all to yourself. There’s something special about this way of spending the night. You can watch all the stars and don’t have to worry about mosquitos or flies.

Top 3 things to do when traveling

Swim in turquoise water at Silverringen

Silverringen is an old trail of silver and iron. Located in Dalarna, the “silver ring” covers several different attractions. However, the Östra Silvberg mining cave makes a special visit. The mining has been finished for years and the quarry has been covered in water. The water is turquoise, and it’s allowed to swim in the old quarry.

Top 4 things to do when traveling

Bargain at Sweden’s largest market

Each year in July, the market takes over Kivik and it turns into a huge spectacle. About 100 000 people visit the market. Kiviks marknad started in 1907 and it just keeps growing each year. Make sure to eat here as well. There are lots of different food trucks to choose from. Our favorite is the Langos (Hungarian bread).

Top 5 things to do when traveling

Spend the day at Falu Gruva – a World Heritage Site

There are 15 different World Heritage sites in Sweden and Falu Gruva in Falun is one of them. Go 67 meters below the ground and walk around in this famous mine that made up for a huge part of Sweden’s blooming economy. The area is big so you can easily spend the whole day here visiting the mine and the museum.

Top 6 things to do when traveling

Hike to Nimis and see the controversial artwork

It all started with one man, taking driftwood and putting it together. Today it’s a huge masterpiece and Nimis is something not to be missed. It’s a strenuous hike to get here but it’s worth the effort. You are allowed to walk around freely but be careful since parts of the artwork is neglected and in pretty bad shape.

Top 7 things to do when traveling

Visit Wanås sculpture Park

Wanås konst (art) is a large sculpture park in Skåne where you can see art from artists all over the world. Some of the artworks are temporary and some of them are permanent. Get a map and start exploring the huge area where there are balls up in the trees and a peeing woman lurking by the bushes.

Top 8 things to do when traveling

Go Alpaca trekking with the furry animals

There are several places in Sweden that offer Alpaca trekking and it’s a great adventure. Different companies have different ways they offer the Alpaca trekking so make sure to find which one offers the kind of adventure you want. Take a walk with the Alpaca on a leash and learn more about these super cute animals.

Top 9 things to do when traveling

Spend the night on a floating camping raft

Another great thing to do while being in Sweden is sleeping on a camping raft in Värmland. Surrounded by water, the only way to get to the raft is by kayaking there. Take the kayak on a tour on the lake and pick blueberries on the deserted island near the float. It’s simple and yet glamorous – all in once!

Top 10 things to do when traveling

Learn how the world-famous Absolut Vodka is made

In southern Sweden, in Åhus to be exact – the Absolut Vodka is made. The factory offers guided tours where you get to see all the steps of how this alcohol is made. You can book a cocktail class too and get all the inside info on becoming a great drink mixer. A great way to spend some fun time with your loved once.

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Fulufjället National Park – In fact, it’s two national parks in one, combining two countries and creating a unique hiking spot. Welcome to Fulufjället in Sweden. Come and see Sweden’s highest waterfall and the oldest tree in the world! During the summer you can drink fresh water right out of the spring. This is a place where you can spend several days without getting bored.

Finally Lost portrait stamp


Nimis is truly something else. It’s hard to know where to start this story. In the end, this is a story about a really odd and wonderful place outside of Höganäs in Skane, Sweden. And this place might even be in a separate country?! Sounds awkward? Well, it was – here is our take on Nimis and the super nice Kullaberg Nature Reserve.

Nims Skåne Sweden

Bucket list experiences in Sweden

Sweden has a lot of things that are worth visiting and, have a granted place on traveler’s bucket list experiences in Sweden. Here are some of our favorite things that we want to highlight in Sweden at the moment. So, if you are looking for the best of Sweden, then this is it… A travel guide to Sweden!

Glamping in Dalarna



Verket & Avesta Art

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