Diaries of a journalist at a local newspaper

Jun 27, 2017

Journalist at a local newspaper
We are usually freelancers. I write and Mini take the pictures. Now there’s been a change. I am now an editor and reporter at a local newspaper. This is just during the summer. However, there are some things that I find interesting with this job and I would like to share that with you!

Diaries of a journalist at a local newspaper

So I did not get to be a tourist yesterday and visit some of Bromollas hidden spots. However, I did get to meet some great people and do nice interviews. I have been working there for a week and I have already noticed some things at the local newspaper that seem to be very common. Here are some of the things that I found out:

  • If I call someone and really need to talk to them – they don’t answer.
  • If they answer when you call – they don’t have time to talk to right away.
  • Some news I write about are not that “newsworthy” – however, the locals seem to like it.
  • I am working a lot by myself. I have to find the jobs and decide what’s worth writing about.
  • People either like me or hate me! How many times do you think I heard “Aha so you are one of those”.

Lots of work to check off my list

Okay so I am one week down and eight to go. So far the work is way better than I thought. To be honest – when I first got offered this job I wasn’t sure if I should take it or not. Finally, we decided that this would probably be a good idea. This means saving up money for more trips! And being freelance we live sort of paycheck to paycheck. At least we know that we will get money in for two months of full-time work. No, wait more than full time. It turns out that I will be working for 12 days straight now.

It’s a good thing I love my job because otherwise, it would have been a nightmare. Is there a downside? Well, the only thing is that I am super tired after work and I don’t have the energy to be a tourist in Bromolla! But no worries… soon I will get into it and then… you will see some tourist stuff too!


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