Dino Park Mini Golf, Karon



While in Karon, make sure to hit the Dino Park for some mini golf. The Dino park is also a burger joint and grill. We only tried the golf coarse and we are glad we did.

Dino Park Mini Golf

Minigolf at its best. This is a coarse that is not to hard but with a lot of fun on the 18 different holes. It is truly like a hidden oasis in the city center. With all the vegetation that is surrounding the coarse we felt like being off on our own even if there were people walking outside on the street.

You play amongst dinosaurs and creatures from the past. Around every corner there is somewhat of a new surprise that makes you smile. Waterfalls and caves and different kind of lighting makes this a perfect thing to do while in Karon.

We played during the evening and we were very lucky because we were almost the only once there. I can imagine that the more people are playing – the less can you feel the oasis feeling and tranquility of the coarse. We recommend you come in the evening and play and ask the staff how many are on the coarse. Our play also involved som interactions with real animals. A snail was keeping us company at one hole and a frog that was a bit shy. And also there were loads of small cute lizards.

The price for playing is 240 Bath for adults and 180 Bath for children. You can also enter the coarse and just stroll around for the price of 120 Bath (90 Bath for children). However we do only recommend you to enter if you want to play. To just stroll around kind of is pointless because the whole experience includes playing.

Our game ended with me as the looser, but only by one point. Mini got 52 and I got 53. That is far from the top ten list that is on the coarse. When we were the the best player was Paul from USA with 35 points!


Dinosaurs and a lot of cool stuff to watch while playing.


Perfect for both couples and families.


The sound of water follows you around the whole coarse.


I am making sure I counted right.


Great fun for everyone!

Address: 47 Karon Road, Karon Beach, Karon, Phuket, Thailand.
Opening hours: Daily 10.00 – 23.00
Website: dinopark.com


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